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How Narconon Helps Cocaine Addicts

There are many problems associated with cocaine abuse and addiction. The dangers posed to a person addicted to cocaine include being arrested for possession of cocaine and hazardous behavior that is a result of the drug's stimulant effects. Physically, the body is at risk of a range of injuries, from damaged nasal passages from snorting cocaine to cardiac arrest from the over-stimulating effects of the drug. Due to these strong stimulant effects, a person abusing cocaine may also have unsafe increases in his blood pressure, temperature and heart rate.

Narconon can help a cocaine addict regain a sober and productive life. In over 50 countries around the world, for the past 45 years, Narconon has safely and successfully used its drug-free methods to help tens of thousands of addicts. The Narconon program begins with one-on-one personal assistance and nutritional support which will help to allay some of the usual withdrawal symptoms. These include restlessness, anxiety, fatigue and depression which are made worse due to nutritional depletion, since nutrition is severely impacted by the person's drug intake.

Following the initial withdrawal is an intensive period of drug detoxification on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Using closely supervised time in a dry heat sauna, exercise and more nutritional supplementation daily, the recovering addict is able to get the residual toxic effects of the drugs out of the fatty tissues of his body. This usually results in much less craving for the cocaine, and an ability to move forward to the next steps of the program.

While cocaine addicts may believe they can't overdose like heroin or other opiate addicts can, this isn't quite true. It is true that opiates are depressants and cocaine is a stimulant. Therefore, a cocaine user who overdoses will not suppress his or her respiration or heart rate to the point that death will result. But they can overdose by causing a raise in respiration, irregular heartbeat, and other over-stimulated effects. Overdosing cocaine can result in palpitations and seizures. And as many cocaine users mix cocaine with other drugs, this too increases the possibility of dangerous adverse effects, including death. Strokes, seizures, nausea, respiratory failure and heart attacks also accompany cocaine abuse.

Narconon helps the recovering cocaine addict to get freed up from the addictive and toxic effects of this drug. They are helped through their withdrawal and detoxification, after which they are given more one-on-one physical orientation exercises, to help them perceive the real world once again, without looking through the distortion drugs cause. Then, the recovering addict learns more life skills to help him regain his communication abilities and understand what led him to try to escape the reality of his life with drug abuse in the first place.

When these steps are completed, the Narconon program still isn't done. There are several more steps which help the person learn to face his life challenges with saner, drug-free solutions. Each person figures out for himself how to handle the old connections of his drug using life, and learns strong moral values to help guide him to make better choices.

The entire Narconon program results in a person who can face his life head-on, can manage his life without resorting to drugs or alcohol, and can have a productive, drug-free life. As evidenced by the fact that seven of ten graduates from the Narconon program after returning home, this program is extremely effective in helping one recover from drug or alcohol addiction.

Call Narconon for more information on how you can save the life of an addicted person through effective cocaine treatment, at the phone number above.

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