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Narconon Miracles vs. Los Angeles Kings Alumni

Narconon Miracles Take to the Ice!

Los Angeles News: The Narconon Miracles took to the ice on August 5, 2007 at the Glacial Gardens arena in their 4th game against the L.A. Kings Alumni.

The final score was Kings Alumni 9, Narconon Miracles 4. But the point was less who won than the fact that the message was put across that young people today can make a right decision and not follow the downward spiral of drug addiction.

Daryl Evans

Daryl Evans, one of the players, is well known as the radio color commentator of the L.A. Kings broadcasts. He also is very active in the community teaching kids hockey skills and also promoting to them the values of good sportsmanship.

In an after-game interview, Daryl said, "Regardless if you're involved in sports or not, you've got to say no to drugs. Youth today have so many things that they're exposed to at such a young age. We as professional athletes can play an important role as to the direction that they take going through some very crucial years in their teens. Anything that we can do to help, like continuing to say no to drugs, is a plus for every child that you get this message through to. It's a win-win situation."

Deputy Sheriff Robert Carangi, who runs the County-sponsored VIDA (Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives) program to help at-risk youth, found out about the hockey game from the L.A. Kings website. He had already been thinking about the idea of getting his kids interested in the sport of hockey, realizing that most of these kids have never even seen a hockey game!

He attended the game and was able to meet with Narconon® staff and learn more about our activities, especially the programs such as drug education and peer leader training that help children help themselves and others to lead ethical and productive lives.

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The Kings Alumni and the Narconon Miracles

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