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Holland news: Located in the Netherlands, Narconon Zutphen has been saving lives for over 26 years.

The results of the program have been so dramatic that in January 2007 the weekly newspaper De Echo printed an article by Door Marcel van Stigt entitled "DRUGS ARE HIDDEN KILLERS" Following is the article:

Peter Helder* came very close to dying because of drugs. Literally. However, just in time the 18-year-old from Oostzaan came to realize that he should look for help. He has meanwhile gone to Narconon® in Zutphen where he is following an intensive program to completely recover. With success. In De Echo he tells his story as a warning for young people who are in danger of landing in the same boat. "Watch out for the temptation of drugs!"

Peter has been clean for five months. All the garbage has left his body, his head is clear and he feels reborn. He is convinced that he will never have anything to do with drugs again because he is more attached to life. And he nearly lost that.

Peter was just 14 when the misery started. "You are young and you want to try everything," he said. "In a film I saw something about smoking weed. I wanted to try that too, so I got some weed from some friends. I smoked it and it made me really sick. It made me vomit. After that I felt better. And I wanted to keep on trying."

His parents found out about the new thing their son had discovered and opposed it fiercely. That did not help. Peter continued and managed to use weed without them noticing. However he went further. Also speed, coke, crack, ecstasy and other forbidden drugs were on his shopping list.

The consequences were unavoidable. "I started to hallucinate, saw ghosts. Somehow I did know that this was not good, but I could not stop anymore. I had become addicted and was too apathetic to do anything about it. My brain went crazy and I went downhill. At a certain point I went into a psychosis. It was impossible to operate normally."

Peter reached the next sinister phase--came to the bottom of the pit. "I thought to myself: I am going to die anyway. Then I can just continue to use drugs. But now and then I did have a clear moment. That was what saved me. I had been to several organizations for help and none had helped. I finally ended up at Narconon in Zutphen. My parents had begged me to go there. I said yes. And believe me, I am happy with all my heart and soul that I did that."

Narconon, a world-wide organization with an organization in Zutphen, is aimed at helping people come off drugs. To achieve this they follow an intensive program. The basic idea is: first clean the body, then the mind. But most important is that the client does want to do it himself. And Peter wanted very much. He improved visibly and is still making lots of progress. He is now only looking at the future.

"I try not to think about what happened. I will soon be picking up my life again. To other young people I would like to say: watch out for the temptation of drugs. They are silent killers.

*For reasons of privacy, the name Peter Helder is a made-up name."

For 26 years Joanna Kluessien has been the driving force behind saving lives as Director of Narconon Holland's National Office. Joanna answers the heavy demands for prevention, education and rehabilitation programs, as well as raising funds for those needing financial assistance to do the Narconon rehab program and for drug prevention services and materials.

Many groups, businesses and churches donate funds to Narconon Holland. One particular supportive church is the local Catholic seminary which has funded many underprivileged persons through the Narconon rehab program in Zutphen.

Our hats are off to Joanna and her dedicated staff and volunteers who work so hard to prevent youth from becoming addicts and assisting addicts to become drug-free and productive citizens!

Narconon Zutphen
Deventerweg 93
7203 AD Zutphen, The Netherlands

Telephone: 31 575 542 362

Website: Drug Rehab Nederland


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