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Last year Narconon of Georgia was approached by a humanitarian group from Honduras. This group was founded 5 years ago by a retired U.S. military man. Three days after he and his wife had first arrived at their new home in Honduras, Hurricane Mitch struck and devastated the already poor country. He used what was to have been his new recreational boat to rescue stranded victims of the hurricane. After months helping his home town and surrounding areas to rebound from the overwhelming destruction of Hurricane Mitch, he realized there was another significant problem in Honduras--the large number of orphaned street children many of whom had turned to drugs and violence to survive.

He founded a humanitarian program to help these children, with drug withdrawal support as the first phase. The second phase is school, where skills such as carpentry, machine shop, and automotive repair are learned. His center was able to help many children, but he and they were still faced with a serious challenge--some of the children ran away from the facility to return to the streets, craving their past addictive drugs, specifically contact cement (glue), which is extremely dangerous and habit-forming.

Having heard about the Narconon® program, in particular the New Life Detoxification Program, the Honduran center sent a group up to Narconon of Georgia to be trained to to help their addicted orphans become free from the cravings of street drugs.

The team returned to Honduras with Narconon staff to help to begin the detoxification project. Seven children were selected and started. Hard staff work produced excellent and satisfying results.

As they were ridding their bodies of these damaging chemical residuals, the children experienced many reactions, including staring into space for half an hour, feeling dizzy and "bolo" (high), and several expressing anger. As the program continued, these manifestations dissipated, and the kids began to feel better and better.

One young person came up and began speaking with the Narconon staff. The local staff commented that this was interesting because this was a child who had run away six times to go back and use drugs, and was chronically withdrawn and moody, and the fact that he was now chatting friendly with staff was not usual for him at all.

Two other kids were observed sitting quietly reading and another was fixing his watch. Both of these, before the sauna program started, would probably have been classified by some as 'hyperactive,' often running around wildly, hitting other kids, and acting crazy. Now they were calmer and happier.

The amazing thing for sauna supervisors and the kids alike was actually smelling the glue as the residuals came out of the skin--for some even years after they had stopped using.

The results of this program showed across the board positive changes in character--happier, more patient, less aggressive, and more receptive to suggestions and admonishments.

Plans are now underway to get all 90 children through the sauna detoxification program.

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