Narconon Houston

Video Clips of the Grand Opening in Houston

The Narconon program in Houston -- Judge Willie Blackmon

Willy Blackmon, City Municipal Judge

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"Our communities need Narconon. They need it very badly. And I say that as a judge and a member of the judiciary, not only for the city of Houston but for all judges across the United States because we have a lot to do and a great deal of responsibility. With the great authority that we have comes great responsibility. We cannot do the job alone...."
~~ Judge Willy Blackmon

The Narconon program in Houston -- Captain Reginald McKamie

United States Navy Captain
Reginald McKamie, Esq.

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"I just want to endorse this project. This is fantastic! This is us; this is you, taking care of the least, the last, and the lost. ... I've represented many people in the court system who've had problems, but they were treated in a criminal system; and this system recognizes that they must be treated in a mental health medical system and not the criminal system. And this is why this is important. We have to divert our youth. We have to divert those that get involved with drugs from the criminal system into programs like Narconon so that they can get help and they can be productive citizens. ..."
~~ Capt. Reginald McKamie, Esq. (USN)

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