Narconon Drug Education

Narconon Hungary sailboat

Narconon Hungary:
A Summer of Drug Prevention

The staff of Narconon Hungary continued to get their drug-free message out during the summer months by going to where the people were vacationing, which was the famous Balaton lake.

The Narconon Hungary drug education project began on July 18th at the 40th Anniversary Blue Ribbon Prize, which is one of Europe’s sailing boat races. Among the 575 starters was the sailboat, LCS Marketing Diamond, with a sail decorated with a huge Narconon logo. (See photo above - Narconon Hungary sailboat)

Following the race, the Narconon Hungary team set out to educate kids in the area. One of the drug education presenters boarded the Diamond Ship at Fonyod city to get the drug prevention program started. From Fonyod they sailed down to the children's camps at Balatonfenyves.

Hungary drug education presentation

Hungary drug education presentation

More than 100 children received Narconon® drug education presentations. One teacher offered to help create similar programs with Narconon Hungary in the future.

After the presentations they took the children for a sail aboard the Narconon ship. This in itself was a special experience, especially for those children who had never sailed before.

Next day Narconon Hungary participated in the Balaton swimming race which has a long tradition. In the early morning, the Narconon vessel sailed out with full supplies for 10,000 swimming contestants. Thanks to the help Narconon gave, Narconon won "the most popular ship of the neighbourhood” title!

Hungary drug education for youth

Hungary - Drug Education for Youth

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