International Drug Prevention and Drug Rehab Conference in Queretaro, Mexico (2005)

Narconon Mexico, Queretaro State, drug prevention and rehabilitation treatment facility

Narconon Drug Rehab Center Queretaro

"New Narconon® drug prevention and rehabilitation activities will be starting up in Israel, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Cyprus in 2005," announced Mia Persson, Director of Narconon Europe, at an international Narconon conference held in Queretaro, Mexico, this month (April 2005). The purpose of the conference was to streamline activities to help handle the worldwide drug crisis. Attending were Narconon staff from countries around the world including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United States, and Mexico itself.

[Above: Narconon Mexico drug rehab treatment facility in the State of Queretaro, host of the international conference.]

"Injection rooms as a 'solution' for drug addiction are found in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and, just recently in Oslo, Norway," continued Ms. Persson. The obvious solution, of course, is prevention. The Narconon drug prevention programs reached close to half a million kids, parents and workers worldwide in 2004.

Some highlights: (1) new treatment centers opening soon in Italy and Spain; (2) new drug prevention materials being released, such as Marijuana The Myth video in DVD with new features; (3) the Director of Narconon Southern Europe announced that the number of people receiving drug prevention lectures doubled in 2004; (4) Executive Director of Narconon Melbourne, Australia, told about Narconon Nepal delivering drug prevention presentations to thousands of people in the last year.

Narconon Mexico drug rehab treatment facility first graduate

First Graduate of Narconon Mexico

A Queretaro newspaper covered the conference and interviewed Clark Carr, President of Narconon International, and Marisela Espinal, President Narconon Mexico. Attending was Alfonso Ruiz C. [right picture], the first graduate of Narconon Mexico. He completed the program in September 1998 and has been living a drug-free life ever since. A special award was given to Dr. Jaime Ponce Alcocer, Director del Consejo Estatal Contra las Adicciones del Estado de Queretaro, for his work and dedication in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the State of Queretaro.

Narconon Mexico graduation and celebration during the international conference

Narconon Mexico Festival

Over 200 people attended a special student graduation at the Narconon Mexico center in Pedro Escobedo on the last day of the conference. The city of Pedro Escobedo organized traditional dances and music for this very special occasion. Students currently on the program at Narconon Mexico shared their emotional experiences of completing some steps of the program. Eduardo Espinal, Executive Director of Narconon Mexico, himself a graduate of the Narconon program, gave background stories of this successful treatment center and awarded key people who helped make it what it is today.

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