Italy 2003

Italy 2003

Italy has some of Europe's most beautiful and well-known landmarks, but it also has one of the continent's most challenging drug problems. In fact, due to the huge need for effective drug rehabilitation, Italy has more Narconon rehab facilities than any other country in Europe.

From the largest center in Gabbiano that takes care of an average of 45 students every day, to the Narconon Albatros center in the Southwestern region of Calabria, there are seven Italian Narconon drug rehab centers helping those addicted to drugs to turn their lives around.

In 2003, the Gabbiano center graduated nearly fifty students and expanded their ability to deliver with a staff complement of 33. This center also received the first-time ever court approval for inmate referrals to the Narconon drug rehab program in 2003.

In an all-day drug-free music festival in their home city of Torre Dell'Orso, the Gabbiano center received a big acknowledgment for their efforts and results with regard to drug prevention as well as rehabilitating drug addicts in that area.

June of 2003 was the tenth anniversary of Narconon Astore and Narconon Albatros commemorated their twelfth anniversary this year. Narconon Alfiere in the South was commended for their dedication in fighting the war on drugs by the Florence Carabinieri Commander of Police.

In the Northern part of Italy, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center in Lombardia, near Brescia received official governmental recognition, including authorization to train others to deliver their Narconon drug-education curriculum. They are now also approved to apply for governmental funding for drug education and anti-drug programs in this region.

Across the Mediterranean, in Madrid, Spain, at Narconon Los Molinos the demand for services was so great they were forced to look for more space to accommodate more students seeking rehab help there.

In Narconon Mediterraneo in Seville Spain, their staff of 25 delivered the unique Narconon drug rehab program to more than 40 students at a time, adding 34 graduates to the community who now live completely drug-free lives. This center grew faster than any other European Narconon center in 2003.

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