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Mother of a Narconon Graduate, doing drug education

Mother of Narconon Graduate
Delivering Drug Education Lecture

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Drug education becomes an especially important activity in society at this time of year when children are spending more time outside playing and chatting together and finding new friends. Many are also looking for fun new experiences. Meanwhile the drug dealers are very busy spreading their own "truth" about drugs amongst naive teenagers to make them try their "fun stuff".

Fortunately, Narconon® centers have drug prevention staff who do drug education in their area in orphanages, schools, universities, security and business companies, police departments, hospitals, and even the military!

Narconon Drug Education in Russia

Narconon Standard, Moscow, delivered several drug education lectures in the cities of St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk (Siberia). Presentations were given in orphanages, schools and high schools. It was the first time these children had received drug education. This Narconon center also creates anti-drug parties in popular night clubs, where teenagers gather, too often to spend time drinking and taking drugs. These anti-drug parties help change their view on drugs and help them realize how drugs actually harm them.

Narconon Drug Education in Belgium and Bulgaria

In Belgium and Bulgaria, Monique de Clerck, Director of Narconon Belgium, has delivered anti-drug lectures in many schools.

Monique delivering drug education in Bulgaria Monique passed on this wonderful story: “One student had been taking drugs and doing poorly at school the first time I went there. After hearing the lecture and having a conversation with me, she stopped taking drugs. When I came for the second time, she was one of the best students at the school! Now when I come to deliver, this young girl stays with me and helps out.”

Narconon Education in Italy

Narconon Southern Europe in Milan, Italy, has produced a drug education DVD and distributed it to a number of schools, reaching some 35,000 students! They also have trained students from public schools in Milan how to do drug education presentations so they can help their peers.

A Milan student wrote, “This film, by looking at the various ways that lead to drug addiction, made us realize that for many young people, it all begins as a game, but a game from which it will be difficult to get out. We thank Narconon for sending us this interesting and educational DVD!”

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