Latin America 2003

Latin America 2003

Latin America expanded its network of Narconon centers in 2003. This area now includes Narconon rehab centers at Narconon Mexico, drug education in Costa Rica in Central America, as well as Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the South American countries of Argentina and Brazil.


In Mexico, thousands of people have been informed of the truth about drugs through Narconon drug prevention and education lectures given at various conventions and gatherings. These have included education of more than 400 mayors from the entire country as well as many law enforcement officers. Training by Narconon staff has helped many police officers to identify the drugs a person is using, and to know how to correctly handle that particular person with those drug effects.

There is even a new group of drug educators and a rehabilitation center in Cancun. This is an extension of the Narconon Mexico rehabilitation facility located in Queretero, north of Mexico City.

The staff of the Cancun facility has been spreading the word on effective drug rehabilitation. In response to this message, the national oil company, PEMEX expressed interest in using the Narconon program for members of its staff who have a drug problem.

Costa Rica:

In Costa Rica, Narconon is led by two drug educators, who are often heard on the radio, letting people know about the workability of Narconon drug rehabilitation technology and the reality of what drugs do to people. They also have been on television where millions of people viewed their anti-drug message. As a result, the first Costa Rican students were sent to Narconon Argentina for drug rehab in 2003.


In Argentina the demand for effective drug and alcohol rehab resulted in their obtaining quarters on the outer reaches of Buenos Aires in 2003. Their facilities for drug rehabilitation are now located in a two-story classical building, complete with pool and plenty of foliage making it very private. In addition to helping their first students to achieve long-lasting sobriety, the staff of Narconon Argentina have been out and about conducting anti-drug lectures. They are helping schools and other city officials to achieve effective drug education, using the Narconon curriculum.


In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Narconon found demand for drug rehab services increasing as well. They expanded delivery capacity to allow for many more students to achieve sobriety, while also enjoying the recreational amenities of a swimming pool and tennis court after program hours.

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