Narconon in Latin America in 2004

Latin America 2004

Fortunately for many people with drug problems, there are several Narconon drug rehab facilities and education and prevention centers in Latin America.

The Narconon effective drug prevention and rehab technology has been expanding rapidly in Mexico as well as in South America.


In Mexico, Narconon tripled the number of students on the program, while also increasing their drug education activities in neighboring communities. One example was the city of Pedro Escobar. In this small town, Narconon executive Marisela S. De Espinal received a request to repeat a marathon there with the theme of The Way to Happiness. She agreed, but also suggested that the day be devoted to an entire drug education campaign, concurrent with the marathon. This resulted in more than 160 Narconon drug education lectures where the lecturers were welcomed and escorted daily by police cars to 70 schools, and 11,000 students attended. More than 2,800 successes were written by the students to express their appreciation for the valuable anti drug abuse information they had learned.

After this very successful campaign, Marisela was then appointed as Education Coordinator for the city's council against drug addiction. Hearing of the success of this campaign, the nearby city of Tequisquapan requested a similar education program for all of their students.

A graduate of the Narconon program in Mexico decided to spread the message about Narconon techniques for handling drug addiction by conducting drug education and prevention talks to the people of Cancun. He appeared on the radio getting his message out to many more people, and sponsored a Drug-Free World themed rock concert there.


In Brazil, the Narconon center has continued to expand and in 2004 reached its highest levels of production so far. They delivered drug education lectures in the British School in Sao Paulo and graduated eleven students in this year.


The Narconon Center in Argentina which had only opened in 2003 had such a demand for effective drug rehab services that by 2004 they were negotiating for a new, larger facility. This center was opened by Pablo Rodriguez. As the Director saw the number of addicts who needed a solution to addiction increase, he decided to make this a Narconon drug rehab center.


In Colombia, Narconon graduated their 100th student in 2004. They were busily training more staff at the same time to begin further expansion throughout the country. Eight new drug educators were trained and began right away to educate more than 6,000 students throughout the country about the dangers of drug abuse. In addition to this, staff members were busily opening a new office in Bogota to help educate even more people about the successful drug rehab and education program offered by Narconon.

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