Liberia Receives Much-Needed Drug Recovery and Prevention Help from Narconon

Narconon Liberia Group Shot 2014

Like the rest of West Africa, Liberia suffers from unwanted attention from international drug traffickers. From the east comes heroin sourced from South and Southwest Asia. From the west comes cocaine from South America. Traffickers move both products north to Europe, with some of the heroin shipment being passed on to the United States.

To this burden, add a civil war that raged for more than a decade, with hundreds of thousands killed and many very young people being used as soldiers – and being given drugs in an attempt to make them more effective soldiers. Liberia was due to receive a helping hand when Joe Appiah arrived from Ghana with innovative drug rehab and prevention tools from Narconon.

Narconon Liberia Directors UN Day

Joe had long been providing youth in his home country with prevention lectures drawn from this curriculum. In Liberia, he found it easy to recruit people who wanted to save young people from starting to use drugs. He also attracted the support of local Drug Enforcement Administration staff, Liberian police, a member of the US Embassy and a representative from the United Nations. On June 26, 2014, Mr. Appiah and his supporters took to the streets for a parade to announce the formation of Narconon Liberia, dedicated to providing drug prevention lectures to help lower the rate of drug use in the country. At the end of the parade, Mr. Appiah and supporters held a public information event on how drug abuse can be fought.

As it is the purpose of Narconon to prevent drug abuse and addiction and help the addicted recover, Mr. Appiah's visit to Liberia represented another way that Narconon, its supporters and allies fight back against the damage of drugs.

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