Louisiana Drug Rehab Opens Its Doors

Since the mid-seventies, Cathy and Tom Steiner, directors of Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, have been helping people improve their quality of life. As fully trained counselors and business administration executives, they have operated and trained others to administer organizations around the world.

Tom, who has been drug-free for 34 years, said,

"I personally know the drug scene, have experienced its damaging physical effects and have lost many loved-ones over the years. It was the rehabilitation technology of L. Ron Hubbard that had me realize that leading a productive, drug-free life was possible, and I wanted to get it out to as many people as possible."

In response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Steiners, along with Baton Rouge physician, Rohit Adi, and Kelley Keeney, stepped up to organize and mobilize over 1,000 volunteers for the relief effort. There were several incidents during that time that changed the Steiners viewpoint of what their community needed.

"You saw that the addicts did just fine the first days because they were only worried about their own survival," said Tom, "but once we got them comfortably into the shelters, they remembered the drugs. By the third day, the drug dealers showed up. In a couple of cases we had to get the National Guard to get them off the premises, but they came back later to lure the addicts out for a fix."

Louisiana drug rehab

Louisiana Drug Rehab Facility

Louisiana drug rehab

Entrance to Louisiana Drug Rehab

Louisiana drug rehab grand opening

Grand Opening Ceremony for
Louisiana Drug Rehab

Louisiana drug rehab grand opening

Cathy and Tom Steiner
with Teddy Chambers of Narconon

"What struck me," said Cathy, "was the number of people who were practically going psychotic from withdrawal or just the fear of withdrawal. It was unbelievable to see what these regular, nice people did to get those drugs. It gave us a snapshot of how big the drug problem really was, and we knew it wasn't just here in Louisiana!"

Within months, Cathy and Tom, along with their Medical Director, Rohit Adi, and Kelley Keeney, put together the plan for a residential drug treatment center. Nine months later, Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat, nick-named Riverbend, opened its doors.

One of the speakers at the Grand Opening Event on November 11, 2006, was Michael Duffy, Director of Office of Addictive Disorders for the State of Louisiana. He said, "On behalf of the State of Louisiana and Department of Health and Hospitals, we certainly want to welcome Narconon® to Louisiana. Our state, as many states across this nation, faces an overwhelming problem of addiction. We too have as our mission to address addiction in our state, both treatment and prevention, and we welcome any partner--any and all partners."

He continued, "I was sharing with someone, prior to the Grand Opening today, that in the state of Louisiana we have an average of 1500 people a day on a waiting list to access 24-hour care. We have a problem that far surpasses our ability to address the problem, so on behalf of the state of Louisiana, we welcome you as partners in sharing in the struggles of those who suffer from addiction in our state. We thank you for your assistance."

The emcee of the event was Larry Trahant, a Narconon graduate and staff member for over three decades. Also speaking was Teddy Chambers, Narconon graduate, and staff of Narconon International who not only spoke to the crowd, but made a point of speaking directly to the Narconon students in attendance. She reminded them that L. Ron Hubbard has given them the exact technology to successfully free themselves from drug addiction, and that technology is the key to their success, enabling them to make positive, self-determined decisions and be able to complete the program and live successful, productive drug-free lives. In closing, a Narconon graduate gave a very moving speech about the amazing changes he went through as a result of the program.

This beautiful center sits on about 12 acres. There are two houses for the students--one for the men and the other for the women. Another building contains a lounging area, huge kitchen, and space where the students and staff eat. Additionally, there is a swimming pool outside with the sauna next to it. What a great place to put your life back together!

For more information on Narconon Louisiana, feel free to drop by, call, or visit their website.

Narconon Louisiana
35059 Bend Road
Denham Springs LA 70706

Phone: (225) 243-5047

Website: Louisiana Drug Rehab

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