Narconon Macedonia Pauses its Work to Enjoy a Decade of Success

The Director of the center speaking at the 10th Anniversary.

Some Narconon centers are founded by graduates of the program who were determined to help others recover. And in a few cases, those who founded these rehabs spent years fighting drug abuse and decided that there had to be a better solution. It was this latter reason that inspired Narconon Macedonia director Borce Mircevski to found a Narconon drug rehab center a decade ago. In April 2014, Mircevski and his staff took a few hours out of their jobs to celebrate this ten-year anniversary.

Mircevski spent many years as an anti-drug agent. What he saw during those years convinced him to look for a better solution. When he came across the Narconon program, he knew he had found the right answer.

Today, Narconon Macedonia lies just a short distance from Skopje, the capital city. In a tall, elegant white house, Macedonians who lost their way in the abuse of marijuana, heroin, alcohol and other drugs find a new way of living – one that leads to success, not desperation.

On this warm April afternoon, Mircevski invited graduates, families and community members to enjoy the food, music and speeches. The individuals who had worked hard to support the Narconon purpose were acknowledged with awards.

Saving the addicted who sometimes resist the offer of help is a challenging job. In Macedonia, each newly sober person is a win for Narconon Macedonia, a win for the former addict and his family and in fact, a win for the entire country.

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