Mexico Drug Prevention February 2007

Mexico news: 120 Drug Education Presentations in 55 Schools Reaching 7,757 Students

Mexico drug prevention presentation February 2007

Mexico Drug Education Lecture

We can all take inspiration from the drug prevention work being done by Marisela S. de Espinal from Narconon Mexico.

Marisela had a meeting with the lady who is the President of the Municipal DIF (Integral Development of Family) in Pedro Escobedo about the Municipality's problems. She helped her see that it is very important to inform children and young adults about the danger of drugs. Rather than just telling them not to use drugs, it is far better to give them the information on why people do drugs and their emotional, mental and physical effects.

The lady really got it and asked Marisela then and there to create a prevention program to be delivered in every school. A few days later Marisela presented her with the program.

Opening ceremony February 2007

Drug Education Campaign - Opening Ceremony

The campaign commenced on February 6th, 2007. The opening ceremony was held at the Juan Escutia primary school. In attendance were the Municipal President, Police Director, Police Commander, Coordinator of Education, professors, rehabilitation director, a psychologist, and the school's students.

For the next three weeks, Marisela and her three drug prevention colleagues (Jessica Bonilla, Mari Carmen Sol├│rzano and Mayda Aguilar) delivered presentations throughout the mornings and afternoons. They were chauffeured both by DIF staff and occasionally by police officers. They visited 55 schools, including primary, middle, and high school. In total they gave 120 presentations, reaching 7,757 students, and receiving more than 3,000 success stories.

Mexico drug prevention presentation February 2007

Drug Education Lecture

They also presented at a school that works with mentally retarded and deaf-mute kids. The kids participated a lot and it was so well accepted that the parents asked them to return and give them a presentation.

These children were very expressive and affectionate. Their behavior was so good that the head of Narconon Mexico invited them to visit their center and go for a swim in their pool on the 30th of April, Children's Day. The Narconon students were happy to share with the children.

Upon conclusion of the program, the DIF's President congratulated them. She was very happy with the results. A group of parents told her that they also wanted to receive presentations because their kids told them how much they learned. They also asked us to give presentations to the police and to the President's administrative staff.

Marisela was invited to participate in the closing ceremony. She spoke about the importance of continuing this type of activity and read some success stories. She made the point that Narconon® and the authorities can't do the job by themselves but need everyone to take responsibility and participate. After a moment of silence, the people applauded in recognition of the truth of that statement.

Narconon Mexico received a Certificate of Recognition for the very valuable work it does and the support it gives to its community.

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