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Anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to the news would have to be aware of the drug problems which are emanating from Mexico. Yet, despite all of the attention that the media can fix on the problem, and all of the intention that the government might place on solving the problem, it continues to grow and now spills regularly over the border to the US.

Comes now to the scene Narconon. With more than four decades of experience in the treatment and prevention of drug and alcohol problems, Narconon International, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, has been spending a considerable amount of time and effort in providing that expertise to Mexico, with the intention of spreading oil on the troubled waters of that nation.

At the request of the Mexican government, Narconon has been in implementing its "First Step" program in Mexico. But what is the First Step Program?

The program is made up of four parts, which have been found extremely successful in getting a person off drugs in a relatively pain-free manner. These four components work together to help an addict successfully and as painlessly as possible withdraw from drugs.

  1. Nutrition, including vitamin and mineral supplements, is the first component of the program. The use of drugs has been proven to cause the body to use up essential stores of vitamins and nutrients, and the First Step Program addresses this by replacing those nutrients so that the body can begin to rebuild itself.

  2. The program also makes use of "assists." Assists are easily done procedures that can be applied by anyone to help a person recover more rapidly from accidents, mild illnesses or upsets. This is the second component of the program. The assists used are designed to help prevent or lessen any muscle spasms, cramps or pain the person experiences during withdrawal and help to lessen his predisposition to remain in an intolerable condition.

  3. The next part of the program light "objective" procedures designed to help the person look outward and get in communication with the environment around him. His use of drugs has cut him off from communicating with the world around him, and this series of actions actually re-opens those lines of communication between the addict and his environment, making it possible for the person to successfully come off drugs.

  4. The fourth part of the program enhances the addicts ability and willingness to use the communication skills that he is learning. When one can both listen to another's ideas, even if they are difficult to understand, and also express one's own ideas well enough to be understood--that's communication. It's a good thing, and essential to getting and staying off drugs.

Whether delivered from a doctor's clinic or office, a community center run by a church or other social betterment group, or even by a private individual, results so far have shown that a remarkably high percentage of drug-using, addicted students who attend this "seminar format" workshop succeed in withdrawing to zero consumption, usually within 30 days.

It is this program, the Narconon First Step Program, which will prepare Mexico to receive the additional benefits offered by Narconon.

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