Narconon Nepal drug education, prevention and rehab facility -- 2004

Nepal Drug Rehab and
Drug Prevention Center

The staff, drug rehabilitation advisors and students of the Pratigya center have adopted the Narconon program for their center.

Pratigya, which means "commitment," is a rehabilitation center with a capacity to serve 40 students. This center is located just outside the heart of Nepal's capitol, Kathmandu. They have a well equipped course room and sauna and have individual rooms with private baths.

They are providing assistance to the community through a public help line, answering 20-25 calls per day, as well as many drug awareness and education activities.

With approximately 200,000 addicts throughout the country who need help, the Narconon Nepal staff realize the need to quickly establish and expand the Narconon program. They plan for major expansion to a capacity to serve over 500 addicts in the Kathmandu area.

Narconon Nepal drug education presentation -- 2004

Narconon Drug Education Presentation
Nepal - 2004

In addition to rehabilitating those addicted to drugs, Narconon Nepal provides broad educational programs to prevent young people from starting in the first place.

Drug education presentations have been delivered to local area school children, and plans are being made to bring these seminars to all 42 major cities of Nepal.

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