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Narconon Nepal Drug Rehab

A popular song back in the mid-twentieth century was, "I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World." This phrase, "on top of the world" has always carried with it an image of happiness, purity, a pristine nature in tune with her children, a spiritual environment.

Unfortunately, living at "the top of the world" brings with it situations and problems not much different from those which face those of us who live a bit further down. Crime, poverty, disease, other less-than-ideal situations, do not consider the geography of the location.

Narconon Nepal was established for much the same reasons as other Narconons have opened. There is a problem with drug use and abuse at the top of the world not much different from what might find in New York, London or Buenos Aires.

Narconon Nepal places great emphasis on actually changing the environment in which it operates. There is a great degree of concentration on educating the young people of Nepal about drug use and abuse. Initially, it was found that the matter was almost a "non-issue", a subject that did not carry much interest to the average student. But that soon changed and, as has been found time and again in the delivery of information about L. Ron Hubbard's drug rehabilitation technologies, interest rose rapidly, and the word began to spread.

Narconon Nepal was founded by Basanata Raj Kunwar who was, at the time he was introduced to Narconon technology, the Senior Superintendent for the Chief of Police of Kathmandu, Nepal. His experience with the police placed him in a uniquely close position to the drug problem. When he saw a way of actually SOLVING the problem, he jumped at it. After all, police activities are generally aimed at "prevention by presence" (crime not committed due to the actual presence of police officers) or of apprehension (catch the perpetrator after the crime has already been committed.) In Narconon, Basanta saw an opportunity to operate a program which will prevent crime, not simply because there is no policeman directly on the scene, but because the otherwise "perpetrator" has no intention of committing the crime in the first place.

The original Narconon Nepal facility, run by Basanta and his family, comprises about 60 beds. But it soon became clear that, in order to make a real impact in Nepal, the facility was going to have to be expanded, and by a considerable margin.

And so, a new facility, capable of serving about 150 students, will soon be opening its doors, providing greater number of students with a life saving opportunity, as well as with a stunning view of the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalaya Mountains.

Basanata's dream if a drug free Nepal is becoming a reality, thanks to the efforts of this dedicated police officer and to the program given us by L. Ron. Hubbard.

For more information about Narconon Nepal, please call one of our expert drug rehab counselors.

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