Narconon Nepal Opens Multiple New Facilities to Expand Life-Saving Delivery

Narconon Nepal New Building Grand Opening

After several years of offering the Narconon drug rehab program to the addicted in Kathmandu, Basanta Kunwar has guided the organization through two remarkable phases of expansion in the last year. At first, all delivery took place in a few large houses in Kathmandu, but these facilities were quickly outgrown. In fall 2013, officials from the Nepalese government and management representatives from Narconon in the U.S. were on hand for the grand opening of a large new rehab center.

The new building was custom-built for its function as a residential rehab center. It's located about an hour outside of Kathmandu on Hubbard Peak, a mountaintop named for the American author and humanitarian who developed the technology the program is based on, L. Ron Hubbard. This center has a capacity of 100 people in recovery at any one time.

Narconon Nepal Inside New Facility

In May, 2014, there was another grand opening, this time in Kathmandu. This time, the occasion was the opening of the "Red House," a facility specially designed for those just starting their rehab journey. New arrivals will go through withdrawal and the first life skills training in this separate facility and then join the others in recovery at Hubbard Peak.

Narconon Nepal enjoys the support and endorsement of many government officials who have seen that the techniques used in this program result in great success for the majority of graduates. Dignitaries who attended one or other other events included the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam, the current and a former Police Chief of Kathmandu, former Army Chief General, former Supreme Court Judge, former Health Minister and many others.

There are now four separate facilities that provide the services of the Narconon program or information to the public about the goals or services of Narconon. Many of those manning these facilities have themselves graduated from the rehab program and so know exactly what the benefits of the program are. Narconon Nepal is now the second-largest Narconon center in the world and certainly, the largest in Asia.

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