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We are a society that acts based on statistics. This can be good. But it can also be misleading.

For example, if one is trying to make determinations about drug abuse in a state like Nevada, his efforts are likely to be thwarted, at least to an extent, by the fact that so much of the "population" of the state is transient. Of the two million residents of the state, nearly 200,000 (10%) (2006) admitted to being dependent on or abusive of illicit drugs or alcohol. But it must be remembered that, in any given year, nearly 40,000,000 visitors spend time in Nevada. What must this tell us about the actual drug problem in Nevada?

In addition to alcohol and illicit drugs, Nevada is a center of prescription drug problems. In the second half of 2008 there were more deaths from the improper use of prescription medications than there had been in all of 2006.

One of the things that these statistics tell us is that Nevada was ripe for an effective program of drug abuse education and treatment. So in 2004 Narconon opened a full rehab center on the property of a ranch in Caliente, approximately 125 miles from Las Vegas. This particular property has an interesting history. Originally it was an actual ranch and a center of activity of the entirety of Lincoln County. Prior to being acquired by Narconon it had served as a jail for female offenders. Now, for the first time in its history, it is serving to solve the very problems engendered by previous resident businesses.

Located in beautiful Rainbow Canyon, Narconon Nevada provides the absolutely ideal setting for a drug and alcohol rehab. It is isolated enough from the local town to prevent a casual stroll from the center to the town. It is geographically spectacular, offering both beautiful views of mountains, valleys, streams and trails. It is a relaxing, isolated center, providing the recovering addict with an atmosphere which encourages the recovering addict to look to the peaceful side of life, of natural solutions to the problems of life and which isolated the student from those elements of society which "restimulate" or cause the addict to want to return to the use of drugs and alcohol to try to solve his problems.

Arriving in Caliente, the student is struck first by the appearance of the town. If ever there was a town which, to this day, looks like a town of the old west, Caliente is it. The railroad tracks cut right smack through the middle of town. The strain station itself looks like something that was built in the 19th century. Standing in the middle of town, one might almost expect to see Ma and Pa riding into town in their buckboard, making the weekly trip to the General Store to load up on supplies for the coming week.

The center itself is a rustic, wooden lodge, beautifully maintained and a place where one can forget, for the moment, about what is happening in the "outside world" and concentrate on *himself*, on getting control over his own life and problems, precisely the reason that one goes to a rehab in the first place.

For those who either have a drug or alcohol problem or who know someone who does, the best thing to do is to call an intake counselor at Narconon Nevada. Learn about the Narconon drug rehab program, the program which will actually help the addict put an end to his problem--now and forever. The counselors can be reached at the phone numbers on this page. Call them now. They are there to help you.

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