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Narconon Brazil new drug rehab facilty -- June 2005

New Drug Rehab Facility Opens in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil News - Accommodating more students for the Narconon program

In 1999, Marcelo Cardoso decided to take on the task of bringing a proper rehab center to Brazil and spent 14 months training at the Narconon® international training center in Oklahoma.

His wife Desiree retired from her job as a teacher and professor in Northern California and they moved to the big city of Sao Paulo. She then started to deliver drug education presentations to the English-speaking schools.

After attending Narconon International's conference for Executive Directors in 2001, they started to deliver the Narconon First Step drug-free withdrawal program.

Narconon Brazil drug rehab facility -- student who completed the Ups and Downs in Life course

Their first center was a small house in a residential neighborhood in the suburbs of Sao Paulo. There they could house approximately 6 students and deliver the whole program.

Because Narconon Brazil can deliver the program in English, many students have come from the U.S. The program is also delivered in Portuguese for local people, as well as in Spanish. (Above: student who just completed The Ups and Downs in Life course, one of the steps of the full Narconon drug rehab program.)

A couple of years later they expanded to a larger house with a pool and tennis courts that had capacity for about 15 students.

Narconon Brazil new drug rehab facilty -- gym

Due to more students demanding the program, they recently moved to an even larger center with capacity for about 35 students. Previously a spa, it is located in the beautiful countryside outside of Sao Paulo. Its many amenities include a movie theatre, gym, two swimming pools, two saunas, two lakes, and a waterfall!

Narconon Brazil new course room -- June 2005

Following are excerpts from a success story written by a graduate of the program:

"I was told, 'Once an addict, always an addict.' There is nothing further from the truth. ... Over the years, I turned to marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol under a false belief it would allow me to escape my problems. It just made things worse. I had everything--a good job, money, a loving family--yet I felt so empty inside, as if I had nothing. ... There were even moments I had thoughts of giving up on life.

"... Just when I thought my road in life had come to an end, Narconon was a new beginning. I gave the program 110% of myself, and I have never been happier in life. My body was detoxed of all impurities. I live in present time and I handle real world problems in real time. Equally important, I behave ethically towards others and myself, creating new working relationships which are totally productive and pro-survival.

"As a Narconon graduate today, I control my life and my world instead of outside influences controlling me. ... I confront all of life's problems as they occur, and I handle them accordingly. ... Issues I hadn't resolved in years, I completely wrapped up in less than six months since I've been home. Wow!

"I have rebuilt a loving relationship with my family and friends ... I have found a loving relationship with the girl of my dreams ... I am finally moving on towards a career I have dreamed of for the past 20 years. I feel so joyful and my mental clarity is beyond belief. I have my confidence, health, and sense of youth back. I feel so ALIVE and I am living my life to the fullest! Thank your Narconon!

-- Best Wishes,
L.M.," Narconon Brazil Graduate from New Jersey

Narconon Brazil's website is: Drug Rehab Brazil

Phone: 011-5535-3433-2141

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