Narconon New York

Narconon New York Working in Cooperation with DEA to Educate Youth

Narconon New York giving a presentation in the DEA Museum

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has a traveling exhibit which has recently been housed at 1 Times Square in New York City.

The Exhibit Educator for the Museum was referred to the Narconon® program by the New York State Demand Reduction Officer as people with a good reputation for holding lively interactive talks with kids across the country.

"We really wanted to have this live element," she said. "The Museum is impressive with its impactful exhibits, but for kids we couldn't do better than give them a chance to see what drugs are doing nationally, internationally, and to them, themselves."

As a public contribution, Narconon drug prevention presenters have been giving 45-minute talks to youth who tour the site. As a mother of two said, "This presentation has made a great impact. I really feel it is never too early to start speaking to our children about this impact and negative effects drugs will play in your life. The information and biological facts were astounding."

In addition to doing the talks, the New York Narconon team goes out in the city to visit school children and others unable to attend the museum personally. For example, they went to the Bronx Hospital for kids to talk about the dangers of marijuana and alcohol abuse. The kids were really boisterous in their appreciation, and one therapist applauded the speakers, saying she never saw her kids more attentive--EVER!

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