Drug Education in Pakistan

July 14, 2004 Update

Narconon Drug Prevention -- Geoffrey and Agnes Barton giving a drug prevention presentation in Pakistan -- May 2004

Geoffrey and Agnes Barton giving a drug
prevention presention in Pakistan

Narconon Drug Prevention -- students in Pakistan receiving a drug prevention presentation

Over 3,000 students attended
Narconon presentations

Narconon Drug Prevention - a student reading the 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs booklet

In May 2004, Agnes and Geoffrey Barton, Narconon® volunteers, made their third trip to Pakistan to deliver a series of drug prevention presentations in schools.

First they met with the Force Commander of the ANF (Anti-Narcotics Force) to get an update on the scene and go over the plans for the week. Sad, but true, Karachi has 1.5 million heroin addicts with forty people a day said to be dying from overdoses!

The Bartons gave lectures to over 3,000 students, including a big seminar with teachers.

This teacher training seminar was given to 55 teachers from 51 different schools. Present was the ANF and the Minister of Education of Sindh Province, who acknowledged Narconon International for doing this much needed work. The goal of this seminar was to teach them how to talk to students about drugs.

Agnes and Geoffrey drilled them on various aspects of such presentations. By the end, they were all willing and able to go back to their own schools and lecture to the other students and teachers. The ANF passed out evaluation forms which showed rave reviews for the whole event-- 100% of them want to do it again!

In their last three trips, Agnes and Geoffrey have delivered presentations to over 15,000 students. Each attendee has received both the 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs drug education booklets and The Way to Happiness booklets.

pakistani students with Way to Happiness Booklets
Narconon Drug Prevention -- Pakistan may 2004, students reading the 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drug booklet

Pakistani Students Reading Drug Information

Click here for live video testimony from a Pakistani student

Narconon Drug Prevention -- The Way to Happiness special edition for Narconon International in Urdu

Several thousands of these booklets
have been distributed to students in Pakistan

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