Narconon Piemont

Narconon Piemonte

Drug Rehab Center - Italy

The Narconon program has been working in Italy for over thirty years saving thousands of lives from alcohol and drug addiction. Narconon has in fact several drug prevention centers throughout the country, as well as 7 residential drug rehabilitation centers, where drug addicts from any part of Italy arrive to find hope and a new future. Drug abuse and addiction, as well as alcoholism, is particularly problematic in the northern part of the country, where the consumption of cocaine, heroin and especially synthetic drugs is widespread among young people. Here is where Narconon Piemonte has been working for several years, the only Narconon center in the North West of Italy.

The facility is in a beautiful area of the Piedmont hills, in a villa near Villafranca d'Asti, surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes, which make it comfortable and quiet. Away from the dangers and the distractions of the big urban areas, the center is well organized and prepared to help anyone in need of assistance for any type of addiction and to deal with the problems that people experience in relation to it. Commitment and training is the basic principle of the Narconon operators. A specific step by step training is required to become an operator, and in some cases an internship as well, like when training to become a withdrawal specialist, a sauna in-charge or a study supervisor.

All the staff members of Narconon Piemonte are obviously well trained, but it is their genuine dedication and sense of help that make the difference for those under their care. Living with drugs and addiction bring people to lose their dreams in a world of pain and rough and cold reality. Finding someone willing to care and guide is often an unexpected surprise. Some of the staff members here were once people who just thanks to that same care were able to get through whatever difficulty they had to face to win over their addiction and complete their program. As a result, they are now, in turn, helping others to get free from the trap of drugs.

Here are some success stories:

"I started using drugs because I was unable to deal with my problems. For such a hardened drug addict like me, who was able to manipulate anyone else, finding the solution was a real miracle. Almost five years have passed since that day. Now I am married, I help other people to get off drugs and I have met so many wonderful and caring people, that it's a joy to wake up in the morning and being able to say that I am free from drugs."

~~ Francesca

"I wish I had arrived at Narconon ten years before I actually did. Narconon has helped me to recover the respect for myself and to appreciate life, which I had missed for a long time. But what represents my real happiness, is the feeling of not having to tell one lie after the other anymore."

~~ Valentina

Narconon Piemonte
Drug Rehab Center
Regione San Grato 107,
14018 Villafranca d'Asti (AT) - Italy

Tel: +1 (39) 0141-943753


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