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The Positive Art of Hip Hop Happens in LA!

Los Angeles News: Hip hop is a culture and Art form that transcends generations and has kept its integrity.

Hip hop is not gangsta rap which uses degrading language and promotes the use of drugs, alcohol and unethical behavior and lifestyles. Unfortunately, youth are bombarded with the negative messages of gangsta rap.

Many have confused Graffiti Art with the scribbling of unwanted letters and symbols on walls (called "tagging"), often done as a way to mark gang territory.

The Positive Art of Hip Hop Happens in Los Angeles

Peace Event - Cease Fire

Cease Fire Banner with Teddy Chambers (Vice President for Public Relations for Narconon Int), Ben Owens (Executive Committee for Cease Fire), Sue Birkenshaw (Deputy Executive Director for Expansion for Narconon Int), DJ Hazze (International Celebrity DJ), Alma Reyes (City of Hawaiian Gardens), Alejandra Marroquin (Field Deputy for Eric Garcetti, President of the L.A. City Council), Jerald Cavitt (Executive for Cease Fire). In back, Henry Fayson (Cease Fire). In front, Kiz Crizmatic (rapper)

Councilman Eric Garcetti given to her by his Field Deputy, Alejandra Marroquin [right] with Alma Reyes

Graffiti Art and Award

[Picture] Teddy receiving an award on behalf of Councilman Eric Garcetti given to her by his Field Deputy, Alejandra Marroquin (right) with Alma Reyes from the city of Hawaiian Gardens on left. The Graffiti Art was painted during the event by students under the expert instruction of Graffiti Artist, Mig One.

The Vice President of Public Relations for Narconon International, Teddy Chambers, has worked with local and international hip hop celebrities since 2002. She knows kids love hip hop but don't want to be stereotyped as drug users and gang members due to their love of the art of hip hop.

Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio

Award for Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio

[Picture] California Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio as the Arts and Humanities Chair for Creative Environments of Hollywood receives an award on behalf of Councilman Eric Garcetti for his work in creating art programs for the Los Angeles community.

Narconon Int'l joined forces with other groups and businesses, such as Cease Fire (a violence prevention and intervention group), the Hip Hop Hall of Fame (founded by Lonzo Williams who is the Grand Master of West Cost Hip Hop,) and property developer Jerry Schneiderman, and produced an invitation only VIP hip hop event. The theme was "The Positive Art of Hip Hop."

Teddy liaised with group leaders and various city officials and organized groups of students to help with the Graffiti Art portion of the hip hop project.

Herself a Narconon® graduate, Teddy talked to them and answered questions about drugs. She gave them instructions to read the 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs booklet and then choose their favorite saying from the booklet. Next, she gave them a T-shirt donated by Narconon International with the saying Teaching Kids-The Truth About Drugs on the front and asked them to use Graffiti Art to communicate their favorite quote on the back of their T-shirt.

t-shirts with a drug-free message

T-Shirts with Anti-Drug Messages

[Picture] Some of the T-shirts done by the kids

The kids had a blast! There was lots of paint, markers, laughter, and even barbequed hot dogs cooked by the kids. Some of the parents joined in too!

The T-shirts were then included in the gift bags given to the attendees at the event. The idea was to prove that Graffiti Art is not necessarily bad; it is the intention behind the act. And.... it worked! The T-shirts were creatively designed and successfully delivered Narconon's drug education message.


Rapper Kiz Charizmatic Raps

[Picture] Rapper Kiz Charizmatic energizes the crowd with a powerful, positive message that he rapped to the crowd.

The event was held at the Westmoreland Lofts for Artists owned by Jerry Schneiderman. Two of the lofts house a fine art gallery curated by California Senior Senator and artist, Pasqual Bettio.

DJ Hazze

DJ Hazze Rocks the House

[Picture] DJ Hazze, one of three break-dancers who danced for the Queen of England at the Queen's Jubilee 5Oth Anniversary at Buckingham Palace, rocks the crowd with his mastery in rhythm.

Surrounded with fine art galleries, the artistic design of the Westmoreland Lofts, a catered buffet, and tables draped with white linen tablecloths, the hip hop show began.


Break Dancer

[Picture] A member of the DJ Hazze Hip Hop Dream Culture excites the crowd with his break-dancing skills.

The performers were amazing! The next day emails poured in stating how wonderful the event was, and, yes, the image of hip hop had changed!

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