Narconon Fund Raising
New York Marathon

Adrienne MacDonald running NY Marathon to raise funds for Narconon

On November 7th, Adrienne MacDonald ran all 26.2 miles
of the New York City marathon, raising
funds for Narconon!

Here are some excerpts from her account of the event:

"... As expected, the cannon went off at 10:10 a.m. indicating the start of the race for the general field. It would be another 10 minutes before many of us even crossed the starting line! That's how many people there were! ... A record 36,000 plus attended and finished the race this year.

"... After the [Verazzano] bridge we entered into Brooklyn which was the one borough we spent the most time in. And the crowds were great! Many policemen lined the route of the race, but there were also quite a few firemen who seemed to be out in honor of the runners, with their fire engines pulled out and parked on the side of the street as we ran by. It was a good crowd, interspersed with a number of bands, from contemporary, heavy metal and reggae, to school bands and gospel singers!

"...There were runners from the Netherlands, Monaco, South America, Europe, and other countries. It was always such a picture to see the runners in their colorful attire running through a backdrop of trees with their beautiful autumn leaves.

"... Personally, I hooked up with a pace-team halfway through the race to ensure I finished at or ahead of my intended time. This worked well for me and I ended up running the second half of the race faster than the first, beating my target time at 5:24:28. "...The race culminated running down 5th Avenue into Central Park and there was a big turnout during that final route. The crowds were still out in full number when I came in, despite being 5 hours into the race, and they were all incredibly supportive.

"... The woman's race was won by a British woman who'd had a terrible time of it in the recent Olympics and dropped out of that race in tears because she couldn't go on. It was heartbreaking to see, but apparently she entered the NYC marathon less than a week before the race and beat Kenya by 4 seconds! The men's marathon was won by a South African (which happens to be where I was born, so I was happy about that).

"... There were many people running for different causes, from breast cancer and leukemia to simply running in honor of a deceased loved one."

The good news for Narconon was that Adrienne is well known and well liked by a lot of people--friends, family, co-workers, members of her church--so when the word went out for people to make pledges of so-much-per-mile, with the proceeds going to Narconon International, a lot of people came forward. The funds raised have been used to support our drug education program in New York.

For those of you reading this who are interested in helping fight the war against drugs, this is one way to raise money for your projects. Here's the link to a website that gives data about marathons:

So, find the nearest marathon, then find some popular person (or persons) who could participate and collect pledges ($ per mile run) for your group or project. Of course, you're welcome, like Adrienne, yourself to run for Narconon International, as we have many projects all over the world that need funding.


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