Narconon Drug Prevention

Red Ribbon Week 2006

Narconon participated in Red Ribbon Week 2006 (Federally sponsored by SAMHSA) by delivering drug education presentations across the USA, enlightening youth to the dangers of drugs and drug addiction:

Red Ribbon Week in Atlanta

Red Ribbon Week in Atlanta

From Narconon Georgia: This year their Red Ribbon Week event was the biggest and best ever. Jo Bell and his band (recently featured in Las Vegas) entertained, and, thanks to a professional sound man, their message promoting drug-free lives and a drug-free world was heard across the city streets of Atlanta.

Red Ribbon Week in South Texas

Red Ribbon Week in South Texas

From Narconon South Texas: In Harlingen, Texas, Joseph Saucedo, Executive Director of Narconon South Texas as well as a dynamic drug prevention specialist, delivered the Narconon message to over 2,900 kids ranging from 3rd to 12th grades.

Red Ribbon Week in California

California Drug Prevention Presentation

From Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, Los Angeles: Although officially Red Ribbon Week is the last week of October, for these people, October is Red Ribbon Month! Due to the overwhelming reach in California for Narconon presentations, this Narconon center had to spread them out over the entire month! A total of 7,645 students participated--3,359 during Red Ribbon Week itself!

From the students:

"I thought it really helped us because like you said, if you started drugs already and you barely tell us, we'll be like, oh great, I've been taking something all my life that I thought was making me cool but now that I think of it, it was making me look real dumb. Well, thank you. I never knew drugs could harm your body so much. I live with a family that uses drugs every day so people are always asking me to take one but I've always said NO. I can use this information by not doing drugs even if it's my best friend asking me."

"It was COOL!! I loved it! I had so much fun! I got all my questions answered! I loved it. This lecture means a lot to me and I learned a lot!! Things I never knew, questions that needed to be answered. Thank you!!"

"I finally realized that drugs can really mess you up. Before I did not think they were that bad so now I am more educated about drugs. If someone was to offer me drugs, I would say no and then tell them what those drugs are doing to them inside and out."

From Narconon Arrowhead: JT Daily, Arrowhead's top drug prevention specialist, traveled to the Oklahoma City area and delivered to over 1000 students at Mayfield Middle School on Wednesday, Comanche Middle School on Thursday, and Konowa School on Friday! Also on Friday, Desiree Cardoso presented to students at a local high school.

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