Narconon 2004

A Retrospective of 2004 Drug Rehab and Drug Education Activities of Narconon

from the President of Narconon International, Clark Carr

Clark Carr, President of Narconon InternationalAs we do every year, we have recently compiled our achievements for the year 2004. They are quite spectacular. Narconon International achieved significant expansion in 2004, both through delivery in our individual centers and groups as well as in expansion of the total number of centers in our network. What follows are a few highlights of the year.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has a traveling DEA exhibit which has recently been housed at 1 Times Square in New York City. The Exhibit Educator for the Museum was referred to the Narconon® program by the New York State Demand Reduction Officer as people with a good reputation for holding lively interactive talks with kids across the country.

Narconon Hasting, England, UK, drug prevention, education and rehabilitation facility

Narconon Drug Rehab - Hastings, UK

Two veteran Narconon International staff went to London, England and stayed for much of the year to expand the out-patient center and open a residential drug rehab center in Hastings, UK. They helped produce graduates for Narconon Bermondsey in London and further staff training. Working with a team of Narconon supporters, they found a beautiful English estate in Hastings on the southwest coast. By the end of the year, we had delivery of the full Narconon program at Narconon Hastings, with a capacity for 65 students on the program.

Narconon Ghana drug prevention and rehabilitation grand opening in 2004

Narconon Ghana

Narconon International staff traveled to Accra, Ghana for their grand opening and also conducted a First Step training workshop for students and professionals.

Trainee from Jordan at the Narconon International Training Center in 2004

Jordanian Trainee at Narconon

Responding to a request from the government in Amman, Jordan, Narconon International arranged with Jordanian officials to bring three police officers to Narconon Arrowhead for professional training. They completed their initial training and have now returned to Jordan to help establish the Narconon program there.

Narconon Nepal drug education school presentation in 2004

Nepal Drug Education Presentation

In Kathmandu, Nepal the staff of a rehab center discovered the works of L. Ron Hubbard and realized that his drug rehabilitation methods were exactly what they needed to get real results for their countrymen. Their existing drug rehab center, Pratigya, has now adopted the Narconon program and has begun training staff. The demand for Narconon professional services from government and other officials continues to grow.

Friends of Narconon drug education videos, sponsored and distributed to schools around the United States, reached well over a million school children this past year with the truth about drugs.

Contracted by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), Narconon International and Narconon Arrowhead produced a conference to bring together drug rehab and church groups in Oklahoma to learn how better to partner together to save more lives.

Narconon International ISO 9000 2001 Certificate

Narconon ISO Certification 2004

Narconon Southern Europe Zonal Office and later Narconon International were both reviewed on-site by certification agencies working with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and received formal certification for running Quality Management Systems with regard to management and training drug education and prevention specialists. (The technical standard is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.) This prestigious acknowledgement ranks Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention in a world class category.

Finally, and most importantly, Narconon drug rehabilitation centers produced 1,400 program graduates this year, returning students to their families and communities as stably drug-free, ethical and productive citizens.

Narconon Malmo, Sweden, graduate

Jenny, a 2004 Narconon Sweden graduate)

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