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Narconon Moscow Drug Rehab Center
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Drug Rehab and Education Results in Russia

The Iron Curtain may have come down, but the drug problem in Russia, as in the rest of the world, continues.

At the end of 1989, Bo Persson, of Narconon Sweden, traveled to Russia to introduce the Narconon® programs, opening lines to the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

The first center, Narconon Moscow, started as a drug education activity; then, offering the Narconon communication course and assists (both part of the drug-free withdrawal procedure), it grew into a full rehab center in 1994.

The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) network has now grown to seven Narconon drug rehab centers and an additional eight drug prevention groups delivering the truth about drugs to an average of 100,000 students a year!

Narconon Kazakhstan drug rehab, prevention and education center

Narconon Kazakhstan Drug Rehab Center

In Dimitrovgrad, the Narconon staff received a written testimonial from a Doctor of Biology from the Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics in Ufa city. She noted that 93 percent of graduates become drug-free after completing a full Narconon program; they improve their relationship with families and no longer have problems with the law. She noted that the statistics and results of the work of Narconon Dimitrovgrad demonstrate the efficiency of the Narconon program compared with traditional methods and stated the need to establish a network of Narconon organizations in Russia.

In Tbilisi, as a result of one of the presentations done by a Narconon drug prevention specialist, the CIS zonal office received a phone call from the psychology chairman of Moscow Social Institute with the invitation to work together. Said the chairman:

"Narconon drug education lecturer Shota showed us the Narconon method, and it was the first time that our students--future psychologists--really got that drugs are not okay in one's life!"

St. Petersburg State University and the Institute of Foreign Languages have expressed an interest in working with the Narconon centers. The Education Department of one of St. Petersburg's school districts recommends Narconon lectures to their schools.

Narconon Krasnoyarsk drug rehab, prevention and drug education center

Narconon Krasnoyarsk Drug Rehab Center

Narconon drug prevention centers are located in Chelny, Cheliyabinsk, Ekatrineburg City, Novosibirsk (Siberia), Riga (Latvia), St. Petersburg, Tblisi, and Ufa. Narconon drug prevention and rehabilitation centers are located in Moscow, Barnaul, Dimitrovgrad, Pavlodar City (Kazakhstan), Kharkov (Ukraine), Krasnoyarsk, and Samara City.

Russia may be cold, but the war on drugs is heating up!

For more information on these centers, visit Narconon Europe's website.

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