Ten Years of Saving Addicted Lives is Cause for Celebration in Southern California

Celebrating 10 years of drug rehabilition in San Diego, CA

Every time an addicted person finds a new, sober life, it's cause for celebration. Every year that a rehab provides service to those who are addicted, it's another cause to be grateful. And when the rehab succeeds through a full decade of helping the addicted, it's time to invite in graduates, their families, neighbors and local officials. That was exactly what Narconon Fresh Start-Sunshine Summit Lodge did in September 2013.

On the occasion of their tenth anniversary, the Narconon Fresh Start center near Warner Springs, California held a party with music, food, awards, speeches and warm hearts. Graduates were invited to tell their stories. One of the graduates who told their story was the director of this center, Larry Trahant. He told the group about his own trip from being a drug addict himself to running multiple Narconon rehab centers. He expressed his appreciation for all the hard work of his staff who enabled these centers to succeed all these years.

Those seeking recovery at the Warner Springs center come from all over the United States. In the last few years, a growing percentage of people have been seeking help for addiction to prescription drugs. Many people become unwittingly addicted to painkillers when they begin taking them as prescribed but then develop a tolerance and need a higher dosage. If the doctor in charge of the case does not spot the clues to tell him that his patient is becoming addicted, the situation can spiral out of control, landing the person in a situation where he is buying and using illicit drugs like heroin.

It doesn't matter what drug a person is addicted to. From marijuana or alcohol to methamphetamine, the Narconon program can help a person rebuild his life skills and start living an ethical, healthy life again.

For a decade, Narconon Fresh Start-Sunshine Summit Lodge has been leading the addicted back to this healthier life. On this occasion, they presented local community members with awards to thank them for their help fighting the drug problem in the area. Representatives from the Fire Department, Sheriff's Office and community center received the awards.

Helping the addicted heal is a challenging, around-the-clock job. To persist in this job for a decade is worthy of a celebration.

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