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Sunshine Summit. These words conjure up a picture of a quiet, elevated spot, surrounded by mountains and valleys, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the workaday world, a place that could well be a most perfect location for a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

This is, in fact, what Sunshine Summit is. Located in the mountains of San Diego County, about eighty miles from the City of San Diego, Sunshine Summit is the home of Narconon San Diego. Formerly a mountain resort, Narconon San Diego provides the recovering addict with a quiet, soothing environment, and environment in which the individual can concentrate on HIMSELF and concern himself with nothing other than getting better.

Sunshine Summit is, by most urban standards, isolated. But it is located in an area which gives its residents an opportunity to interact with the local population, a population which, in the years since the Narconon center opened, has come to appreciate the value that this center has contributed to the community. The staff and students at Narconon San Diego participate regularly in local community activities, particularly in the towns of Sunshine Summit (the actual location of the center) and in Warner Springs (a town about eight miles away).

San Diego County boasts what is pretty much the most ideal climate in the entire country. This provides the recovering addict with an opportunity to take advantage of the vast outdoor panorama which being located in the mountains of Southern California affords. Swimming, sports and exercising are part and parcel of the program the year round, something which is not really possible in most geographical locations.

The program itself is designed to guide the student into learning, for himself, why it was that he became dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, developing plans for conducting a more successful, peaceful life and then (something unique to the Narconon program) actually drilling and practicing leading the life that he is going to lead once he graduates the program and leaves the center.

Sunshine Summit. What could better describe a location in which a recovering addict can relax, unwind and disentangle his life from the convoluted mess that is the life of a addict or alcoholic? The summit is the highest point that can be achieved - the pinnacle. And sunshine? Any addict can tell you that sunshine is usually little more than a memory. So what would Sunshine Summit actually be? It would be the place where the addict can come to recover the sunshine in his life and to reach the pinnacle of that bright, shiny existence.

And so is it at Narconon San Diego. Come here to warm your heart. Come here to warm your soul. Come here to regain the ability to stand at the pinnacle of your own personal existence and to look down from that summit to the place that you came FROM, knowing that you will never again have to make that climb.

That is Narconon San Diego.

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