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Narconon Southern California
Opens New Drug Rehab Center

Narconon Southern California has been operating for over seven years in a lovely beachfront facility in Newport Beach. Due to the stellar results of the Narconon rehabilitation program (three out of four graduates remain drug free), the center is usually filled to capacity. The search for an additional facility resulted in the acquisition of a beautiful site located in Warner Springs, a small town northeast of San Diego.

The facility had been designed initially as a retreat for conferences. Thus, it has lovely rooms, lounge and dining area, swimming pool, tennis court, all on a 28-acre plot of land. Shortly after we took residence, it was filled to capacity.

The official Grand Opening of Narconon San Diego took place on May 31st, 2003. Over 200 people were in attendance. The ceremony began with Caralyn Percy singing the national anthem. Master of Ceremonies, Gerry Marshall, President of Narconon San Diego, introduced Tommy Thompson, representative of Assemblyman Haynes, who presented a recognition award, as did Don McKinney, who represented U.S. Congressman Issa.

Clark Carr, President of Narconon International, and David Worthington, Executive Director of Narconon San Diego, both gave the attendees more reality on the nature of the Narconon program and its history.

Myrtle Cassell, head of the local community resource center, and Pastor Bill Langill both spoke, praising the work of the center and its contribution to the community.

Raul Schroeder, a graduate of the program, told of his wins, and Mrs. Smith, mother of a graduate, gave a fascinating account of what she went through to get her son onto the program and how thrilled she was with the results.

Narconon San Diego grand opening

Narconon San Diego
Grand Opening - Cutting Ribbon

After the ribbon cutting, the attendees toured the facility, which gave them a better understanding of the aspects of the program, from the drug-free withdrawal step, through the sauna detoxification program, and into the courseroom where they could see the life skills course packs and get an idea of what the students learn.

While enjoying the barbecue around the pool, the attendees were entertained by Eugene Cordero, flamenco guitarist, and Divina, a singing and dancing trio.

Nancy Cartwright, famous as the voice of Bart Simpson, is one of the Narconon organization's celebrity spokespersons. She told the crowd about the death of her brother from an overdose of drugs. If she had known about Narconon at the time, he likely could have been saved. She and her son Jack read to the audience from the booklet "10 Things You Should Know About Drugs." It was a very moving and inspirational talk.

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