Scandinavia and Russia 2012

Denmark and Sweden

In August of 2012, the Narconon center in Denmark celebrated another year of saving lives. The staff, graduates, family and friends gathered at the Narconon Center in Skellingsted where they celebrated more than twenty years of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. In addition, they were proud to have expanded and renovated their residential and delivery spaces in the past year, so that they are able to help even more students learn to live drug-free at this residential facility.

Narconon Denmark Expansion

Narconon Eslov in Sweden celebrated their 30th year of delivering the Narconon program. Hundreds of community leaders, graduates, family and friends came to Eslov to celebrate on August 12, 2012. In attendance were several local businesspeople, a representative of the local police and City Council Chairperson Cecilia Lind. Many community members proudly accepted awards for their support of Narconon Eslov's efforts to prevent and eliminate drug addiction.

The Executive Director of Narconon Eslov, Hakan Larsson, spoke about helping addicts and the personal rewards he's experienced. "Yes, it's challenging work, but we see the majority of those we graduate go on to live drug-free, ethical lives. Many of those go on to help free others from drugs. Together, we know we make a better tomorrow and this makes it all worthwhile."

Hans-Erik Husby, the well-known rock musician also known as "Hank von Hell", became drug-free through the Narconon program. He is now devoted to showing kids and adults by his example that a drug-free life is both possible and desirable. Hans-Erik spoke at the Narconon Eslov 30th Anniversary event, saying, "The whole program is actually designed to make you realize yourself and what it's all about. Not only how to avoid taking drugs, but realizing why you took drugs and also realizing what impact it had when you took the drug. And suddenly it was not only about me and my hunt for pleasure or escape from pain or whatever. It was me not being any solution, just part of a huge, huge planetary problem. And nobody told me this here. Nobody said that it's your responsibility. I just realized it out of my own insight suddenly. I can take responsibility for the whole drug scene and say it's not okay and it's not just you and me and the right to be high, you know. It's about everybody."

Also in Scandinavia, an international drug education conference was held in Malmo, Sweden. Many executives came from Narconon Europe, Narconon International and Narconon Sweden and spoke to the attendees about their effective drug education program delivered throughout Sweden for the past twenty years. Their program is partnered with, which runs an "I Say No to Drugs" campaign.

In addition, a highly experienced drug educator from Narconon Ukraine, Marina Gribinova, spoke at the conference about her very successful program educating youth in hundreds of schools around Ukraine. She has personally created a video program in the schools and has educated hundreds of thousands of students about drugs in her country. It was a very good conference where attendees shared lots of useful information and successes.

Russian Speaking Narconon Centers

Narconon Russia

Another conference was held for the directors and other executives of the Narconon centers from the greater Moscow area, St. Petersburg, Dimitrograv, as well as Ukraine. At this annual conference for Russian speaking centers, many shared information about their efforts to better communicate and reach the people in need of effective drug rehabilitation in their areas. There were presentations by Sue Birkenshaw of Narconon International and Jorgen Jorgensen of Narconon Europe. Attendees also had the chance to participate in an interactive video conference with Clark Carr, the President of Narconon International.

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