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Harlingen, Texas sits near Brownsville, on the Mexican border. Small town though it is, it is not without its drug and alcohol problems. Until recently, those in that particular region of South Texas had no access to the miracles which are created daily by Narconon.

The fact is that no-one actually WANTS to be a drug addict. In fact, in interviewing present and former addicts, one is struck by the fact that most all of them found themselves addicted to various substances without even realizing that they were sliding down that slippery slope. It is often a fact that the decent into addiction is frequently quite slow, sometimes even imperceptible, but the rise from addiction to a realization that one has a significant problem is frequently EXTREMELY rapid. The addict, on suddenly realizing the gravity of his situation, often cannot confront the situation himself, and this is specifically WHY a program like Narconon is so valuable. Questions frequently heard by those who come to Narconon South Texas for help are:

"How did this happen to me?"

"How could I have become a liar or a thief? Why can't I stop?"

In an area like South Texas, an area that has been, essentially, void of the availability of REAL help for the addict, the opening of a Narconon facility actually marks the moral and ethical turnaround of an entire region. The opening of this Narconon was important enough to have been recognized by the Texas State Senate as an event of import. State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. signed a Senate proclamation on October 30, 2008, stating, amongst other things, that:

"This exemplary program offers a drug-free approach to rehabilitation within the framework of a social education model that emphasizes personal responsibility and productive participation in society"

and proclaimed

"That a copy of this Proclamation be prepared for the organization as an expression of esteem from the Texas Senate."

~~ Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Narconon South Texas stands as an edifice prepared to serve not only the residents of the immediate area, but anyone seeking the true way out of the horrors of drug and alcohol addiction. Its location in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley is particularly suited for a program which emphasizes the individual and his responsibility to himself as well as to his family and society as a whole.

Texas is a state with a population (2010 census) of 25,145,561, the second most populous state in the union. If ever there was a state that cried out for a true solution to the problems of drug and alcohol abuse, it was Texas. Narconon answered that call.

Those seeking REAL help for their own addiction or the addiction of a friend or loved one are encouraged to contact an Intake Counselor at Narconon South Texas at (866) 938-3927. Like the waters of the Rio Grande River, life is flowing past the addict, and the best thing that one can do for such an individual is to call NOW to insure that the bulk of the life that flows through and from that individual is a life of happiness, of joy, of love and of value to himself and others.

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