Magazine Article about Lazze Strandbergh, a narconon graduate doing creative work with youth to keep them off drugs

Narconon Graduate Lazze Strandbergh
Doing Creative Work with Youth

A Swedish magazine wrote an article about Lazze Strandbergh, a Narconon graduate. Lazze decided to take drugs when he was 10 years old. He was already a big fan of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He knew they took drugs and thought that was cool. Eventually he lived in a hippie collective where life consisted of drugs, meditation and political activities. He found himself taking a handful of pills every morning, smoking hashish, and taking LSD. He tried to stop several times but an "innocent" beer at the pub would start it all up again.

In the late 70's he listened to Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Chick Corea. He noticed that Chick had dedicated a record to L. Ron Hubbard. He got curious about Hubbard and discovered that he also contributed the technology for a rehabilitation program called Narconon. He did the Narconon program in 1992 and has since been drug-free.

Now his purpose is to keep youth busy with good things instead of doing drugs. He has a youth center in a church basement with a music cafe, recording studio, photo lab and study circles. Besides his normal work, he is a drug lecturer, photographer, poet, cartoon figure, writer, model, artist and musician. "Now it is the creative activity that gives me a real kick," says Lazze.

Contact information for the Narconon Europe drug rehab and prevention centers.

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