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Narconon Taiwan Drug Rehab Center

Located in the scenic Hualien area of Taiwan, the Narconon Taiwan drug rehab center is providing an opportunity to the densely-packed population of The Republic of Taiwan.

Compared to Western countries and its affluent Asian neighbors, prior to the 1970s drug abuse was not a significant problem in Taiwan. Although there was some increase, even the 1970s and 1980s did not see a significant increase in the problem. Most of the use of drugs like heroin was contained in the Taiwanese underworld, and the average Taiwanese citizen was pretty much unaffected by it. During the latter half of the 1980s Taiwan began to see significant economic growth. Coupled with low inflation and low unemployment, Taiwan became fertile ground for the problems experienced by other affluent democratic nations. Social discipline began to loosen and dramatic changes began to appear on the drug scene.

By the 1990s methamphetamine began to replace opiates as the "drug of choice" and its abuse spread at an astonishing speed. As the 1990s progressed, Heroin began to increase once again in popularity, not as a replacement for methamphetamine, but in addition TO it.

Prior to these economic and social changes no-one would have thought about Taiwan as being fertile ground for an effective drug and alcohol education and rehabilitation program. But all that changed with the changes of the late 20th century.

By the time 2010 arrived, a local Taiwanese, Hestia Lin, decided that something had to be done about this situation. While it would be wonderful if the problem could be solved simply by "saying no to drugs", this is not a tactic which has proven to be particularly effective over the years. Lin knew that a much more pro-active approach was going to be needed if any real progress were to be made. Then there was Narconon. The decision was made.

Hestia and another staff member arrived at Narconon Arrowhead (in Oklahoma) to received the training needed to operated a full residential Narconon facility. Upon completion of their training, they returned to Taiwan and opened the first residential Narconon drug rehab facility on this island nation.

The original center was in a building shared with a Buddhist temple, in collaboration with the Chinese Youth Buddhist Association Foundation. Then, on May 31, 2011, Narconon Taiwan celebrated it 10th anniversary of operation. At the celebration, Clark Carr, President of Narconon International, stated, "We are very proud of Lin and our Taiwanese center. Knowing that there is a solution for people in the country that will get them off drugs is a key to handling the drug problem in Taiwan."

Although politically not part of the Peoples' Republic of China, they are yet the same people, and a solution like Narconon cannot help but finds its way into that huge nation, home to the largest population on the planet. So Hestia Lin's efforts in Taiwan, wonderful and effective as they are, could well end up being the gateway to handling drugs in the largest nation on earth.

For more information about Narconon Taiwan, please contact a Narconon drug rehab counselor.

Narconon Rehab Program Taiwan.

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