Taking Drugs out of the Communities

Working with Community Businessmen and Civic Organizations to Take Back Their Communities

Many communities around the world have been forming unique alliances to take back control of their communities and get drugs out of them.

For example, recently in McAlester, Oklahoma, home of Narconon Arrowhead, drug prevention was the order of the day. Staff from Narconon Arrowhead worked together with a variety of community leaders on a fantastic drug prevention campaign. The theme of the event was to "get drugs out and arts in" throughout Southeastern Oklahoma. Since the entire Narconon network of drug rehabilitation facilities and prevention groups extends across 130 countries, and the network's flagship facility is located just a few miles up the road from McAlester, Narconon Arrowhead stepped up to the plate with plenty to offer. Other groups who co- sponsored the event included the McAlester Chamber of Commerce, Pride in McAlester and McAlester Main Street.

One of the activities included a 10k race which was followed by a drug-free pledge. In accordance with Red Ribbon Week, which is the nation's largest drug prevention campaign, people of all ages gathered to commit to live a drug-free life. After the race, the Masonic Temple hosted a benefit concert featuring artists from diverse backgrounds. The message of the event was clear: the City of McAlester was taking their community back and replacing the pain of drug addiction with the joy of creating through the arts. The message will continue to be carried on through a variety of programs aimed at inspiring creativity in the arts.

These liaisons of businessmen and civic organizations extend beyond U.S. borders. For example, Malaysian businessmen from a multinational corporation in Kuala Lumpur first learned about the Narconon programs from the organization's website. As a result, they are interested in establishing Narconon centers throughout the country in collaboration with the Malaysian government, which had been searching for just such a program.

And as far away as Bangkok, Thailand, the staff of the Quality Golf Company were briefed on the Narconon drug education and rehabilitation programs. The manager of the company, who wants to be more involved in social betterment activities, expressed strong interest in starting Narconon education and prevention activities.

And young and older students in St. Petersburg, Russia have benefited from numerous drug education presentations. Narconon staff in Russia have given drug prevention lectures in orphanages. They also have received requests from St. Petersburg State University and the Institute of Foreign Languages saying they want to work with the Narconon centers there. The Education Department recommends Narconon lecturers to schools.

Another alliance has been formed in Cape Town, South Africa, where the largest cellular phone network is Vodacom. As part of a larger drug prevention program for this community, twenty-eight Cape Town City Police officers were selected to be trained as Drug Prevention Specialists, sponsored fully by the Vodacom Foundation. Also, seventeen primary schools in this area are already receiving Narconon drug education presentations.

The Vodacom grant was given to train a number of Drug Prevention Specialists who will deliver drug prevention lectures at schools, churches and local community organizations. Training is intensive for these students who are required to complete four weeks of full-time training, after which they give presentations in schools before they are able to receive their well-deserved certificates. Once fully trained, these Specialists also assist the Cape Town City Police in a larger drug prevention program focused on surrounding areas.

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