Drug Prevention In South Texas

A very successful dentist in Harlingen, Texas, found out about the Narconon® drug rehab and drug education programs and decided that's what his community needed to help handle their drug problem.

Texas drug education in October of 2004

Texas Drug Education - 2004

Their Executive Director, Joseph Sauceda, did the full Narconon executive training lineup at Narconon Arrowhead's International Training Center in Oklahoma. Upon his return to Texas, Joseph went into high gear. During Red Ribbon Week he delivered drug education presentations to several grade levels and spoke to over 500 students, parents and public combined. Several schools and organizations have recognized the benefits of his work.

One letter he received stated:

"As the San Benito Housing Authority Resident Coordinator, I would like to thank you for presenting the Narconon Drug Educational Program. To be completely honest, this program is greatly needed in our area. The education that you presented to my residents Sat. October 23, 2004, on the powerful negative effects drugs have on people was most enlightening.

"I think that the non-use of drugs to rehabilitate patients is the way to go in order to establish a total and complete cure for these people. What is being done today using drugs to combat the drug user is not working.

"Thank you again for taking your time and energy and sharing your Saturday with us."

Drug Education presentation at Texas Housing Authority

Drug Abuse Prevention Presentation
Texas Housing Authority

Preparations for the delivery of the Narconon First Step program and expansion to full out-patient rehab center are in the works for 2005.

Find out more about the Narconon Program Drug Rehab Center South Texas in Harlingen.

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