Narconon Tijuana's First Anniversary

Narconon Tijuana Reaches First Year Milestone of Turning Addicted Lives Around

For many years, most of the drugs in Mexico were simply in transit – traveling from South America or Mexican poppy or marijuana fields on their way to the United States or other countries. But in the last few years, security along the border and the coasts has gotten far more stringent and it has been tougher to get shipments through. As a partial solution, Mexican drug traffickers have turned on their own people to distribute their drugs. But the drugs sold at home are often more toxic, more adulterated products, meaning more illness and disability for those who become addicted.

In Tijuana, Padre Jaime Lares was seeking a better way to help the addicted recover. He found the Narconon drug rehab program and realized he that this was his solution for the desperation of the many people in his community who struggled with drugs. In 2012, he opened a Narconon rehab facility in Tijuana.

Running a drug rehab center is never easy, as those in recovery present unique challenges. Thus it was appropriate that Padre Lares gathered his friends and supporters for a first anniversary event in August 2013.

The Narconon center in Tijuana enjoys the wholehearted support of the Catholic Church adjacent to the Narconon center. On this occasion, the celebration started with attendance at mass next door, after which everyone walked over to the Narconon center. There was a band, dancers and speakers who made the occasional special for everyone. There was even a newspaper and a television station represented among the guests.

As one person after another graduates from the Tijuana Narconon program with a new ability to stay sober, there is occasion to celebrate with every new graduate that goes home to take care of himself and his family.

Narconon Tijuana grand opening a year ago
Photo: Narconon Tijuana grand opening one year ago.

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