Award for Head of Narconon Ufa, Russia


Elena Valter gets her certificate
as one of the "Best Persons in the City"

Ufa, Russia News: Elena Valter, Director of Narconon Ufa Prevention Center in Russia, recently trained 8 people to be drug prevention specialists. These people are now giving presentations to both children and adults. Since the beginning of the Ufa Drug Prevention Center in 2004, they have delivered Narconon presentations to more than 150,000 people!

"In 2006 we won the competition as the best project for making our town better and got a nice financial donation for our project Drug Free Future of Bashkiria."

~~ Elena Valtera

In December 2006 Elena was awarded a certificate from the "Face to Face" government city project for being ONE OF THE BEST PERSONS IN THE CITY!

Ufa Russia drug prevention

Ufa Russia Drug Education
Presentation by Narconon Ufa

From the thousands of responses they have received from those attending the presentations, it is clear that many of them have decided to never use drugs having understood what drugs really are and why people take them. After finding out the truth, children actively shared it with their friends to help prevent them from ever starting on drugs.

Ufa Russia drug abuse prevention presentation

Ufa Russia Drug Abuse Prevention Presentation

"I realized after your lecture that drugs and smoking cigarettes are very unhealthy. And it is difficult to treat it, so it is better not to start to use it! I wish these lectures will be more often because last time when I studied in another school and you made lecture in my class, 4 people stopped to smoke after your lecture! I would like to listen to these lectures in the future and I spread to my friends the truth about drugs. Maybe somebody will decide not to smoke, drink or use drugs too!"

~~ an 11-year-old student from a school in Ufa.

Ufa Russia Drug Eduation - Students

Happy students after a Narconon anti-drug lecture

"After the lecture I decided to be useful and valuable for society! Yes, it is needed now. This knowledge is very important especially for youth. I will definitely use them in practice."

~~ a 10 year old student

For more information about Narconon Ufa, or to contact them, visit our Narconon Russia Drug Rehab Centers page.

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