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UK Car Racing Team - Niki Lanik
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Niki Lanik and JJ Vanier met about 6 years ago at Greenfields School in Forest Row, Sussex (England). JJ is now 20 and Niki is 18. They were always into racing. In August 2003 they did the 5-Day Race Intensive Course at Silverstone Race School.

During the next couple of years they bought a lot of old cars and drove them on a mud track on Niki's father's property. The mud circuit taught them many sliding and skidding techniques. They actually placed 1st and 2nd (out of 40) in a Skid Competition at Silverstone.

At the end of 2004, a friend of Niki's family suggested they create a Narconon® Race Team. They liked the idea so invited lots and lots of people to a fundraiser, showed them a presentation, and raised enough money from sponsors to purchase 2 race cars!

The excitement of the race on the weekend of 23rd April at Brands Hatch started during the testing when the cam belt slipped on Niki's car. The engine had NO compression whatsoever and wouldn't start! So Niki and his father had to take his car to a very experienced engineer and racer to get the engine sorted out.

Meanwhile, JJ was busy at Brands Hatch's Paddock fixing his own car, which was running well but needed a new exhaust piece, new fire extinguisher and some other vital parts so that it could pass the regulations check. This went well with JJ qualifying 10th in his group. Niki then qualified 7th in his.

Narconon Uk Racing Team - during the race

Narconon UK Racing Team

Meanwhile, the commentator talked about Narconon UK and about the "two young boys" who "DRIVE AGAINST DRUGS."

The race was very exciting! JJ had a brilliant start, passing various cars throughout the race. Unfortunately he had a technical problem with his car and ended up placing 7th.

Niki got off to a bad start, dropping from 7th place back to 10th. But he poured on the coals and one lap later he was back to 7th, bypassing a silver XR2 and JJ. On the next lap he overtook 2 Suzuki Swifts at once by braking very very late, putting him into 5th. There was a 5-second gap between him and 4th. No one thought he could make it up, but 3 laps later he accomplished it by overtaking a Puegot 205 GTi! 2 laps later he overtook a Volkswagen Lupo GTi and got into 3rd place. 2 laps later he overtook a Puegot 106 to get into 2nd place.

By now the commentator was going absolutely crazy-- "Lanik this, and Lanik that, and here is Lanik again, the young 17-year-old..." and so on. The Narconon Race Team fans went crazy!

Three laps later, while Niki was still putting pressure on the driver in front, the driver made a mistake. He went into an uncontrolled slide and went off the track. Niki took the opportunity to overtake and went into 1st place! But then disaster struck. The Puegot 106 suddenly swung back onto the track going 70 mph and hit Niki's car on the right front! Niki was forced to retire from the race as the steering was useless. The commentator, however, was going crazy about everything that had just happened. Niki Lanik had achieved the fastest lap in the race and also got awarded "Driver of the Day"! Also, it turned out that the driver who hit Niki received a penalty and thus only placed 5th in the race instead of first.

Niki and JJ were then interviewed by the world's leading motorsport magazine Autosport!

Narconon Uk Racing Team - fans

Narconon UK Race Team Fans

A big congratulations came from Narconon UK in Hastings, one of their sponsors.

Their next race at Brands Hatch will be on Sunday the 19th of June.

They will be combining their racing with drug education. Next year they'll enter the SEAT CUPRA CUP race, again for two cars--a race which has extensive television and magazine coverage.

If you'd like to be a sponsor or just be on their fan list, e-mail them at

You can also visit Narconon UK's website at

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