Drug Addiction Dropping in the Ukraine!

Marina Gribanova delivering an anti-drug presentation in Ukraine

Marina Gribanova Delivers
Anti-Drug Presentation

Ukraine has been in the news recently due to the protests over the presidential election. That particular drama had a good ending. Another good thing is happening in the Ukraine: Narconon Kharkov delivers drug prevention presentations to an average of 700-1000 people a week! This past year, the two Kharkov drug education teams delivered to approximately 46,000 people! Marina Gribanova, President from one of the two Narconon groups, routinely contacts government officials about the Narconon® drug prevention services and has received over 200 official recognitions since 1997.

In February 2004, Marina met the Chiefs of the Education Departments of both Chuguev and Loubotin who were both happy to have Narconon drug prevention presentations delivered in their towns.

Vadim Kononenko, Executive Director of one of the two Kharkov Narconon drug education teams, met with the chief of the organization "Doverie" (which means "trust"), who are now supporting the Narconon programs.

In July, Narconon Ukraine and Narconon Europe were invited to a Government Ministry meeting in Kiev. The Minister was briefed on the "Drug Free Future for the Children of Ukraine" campaign, as well as the Narconon drug rehabilitation technology. The Minister realized that the Narconon programs could be a solution to the enormous drug, alcohol and HIV problem in the country.

In 2004, one of the directors of a public school (who is also Deputy of the city's Parliament) where they had given drug prevention presentations, arranged to have a study conducted. Over a 6-year span, Marina delivered 2,400 lectures to over 250,000 students! She gave lectures to 56% percent of the teenagers of Kharkov. In the period from 1998 to today, the level of drug addiction dropped by 10 percent while, at the same time, in other regions it increased by 12 percent!

Our hats are off to the tireless and dedicated Narconon staff members achieving admirable results through drug education in the Ukraine!

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