Narconon United Kingdom 2003

Narconon in Europe and the United Kingdom

Narconon United Kingdom

In 2003, in Europe and the UK, staffs of Narconon drug education centers delivered drug prevention lectures in many locations, increasing the demand for Narconon drug rehabilitation services.

Around the UK more than 13,000 people learned the truth about drugs through Narconon drug education delivered in 2003. In Scotland, drug educators took advantage of every possible venue and opportunity to spread the word about what drugs actually do to people. These teams could be found at street festivals, shopping centers and street corners, giving impromptu lectures to audiences who were curious to know what drugs do. These events resulted in some people reaching to get more help with addiction treatment. Those who did were referred to the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center in Switzerland.

In Sweden, drug educators fanned out and continued to reach more people with the message about the dangers of drugs. In 2003, these teams lectured more than 28,000 people at corporate staff meetings, parent and teacher functions and classes of young people in Stockholm, Vesteras and other cities.

In Denmark in 2003, the translation of the booklet, "Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know about Drugs" allowed more Danish people to learn the reality of what drugs do. The Danish drug educators also appeared on television and radio, enlightening many others about the Narconon program's workability. These teams informed government officials and politicians about Narconon as well.

In response to the Chairman of the Bergen Parents' Association in Norway, two students were sent to Narconon in Denmark for the Narconon drug rehabilitation program there. These students were sponsored and paid for by the Norwegian government. The person referring the students was so impressed with the Narconon drug rehab program that he began to make plans to open his own Narconon center in Norway. Plans were also made to have the booklet, "Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know about Drugs" translated into Norwegian.

More people have been finding out how Narconon can effectively help rehabilitate drug users across Europe, with ramifications around the globe. The Presidents of both Narconon International and Narconon Europe enlightened many governmental and non-government officials in 2003. In October in Vienna, both of these Narconon Presidents briefed six officials at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). This committee consisted of heads of drug rehab and drug prevention for this prestigious international agency. All in attendance were very interested in the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, and requested that more of their staffs in other UNODC branch offices be educated about Narconon and its solutions for addiction.

And in January of 2003, the President of Narconon Europe, Bo Persson, was invited to visit Hungary and spoke to community leaders and rehab professionals there. He appeared on television shows where he was able to educate the viewers how addiction can be overcome, and several newspapers ran articles about with his anti-drug message. His presence there helped pave the way for the opening of the first Narconon drug rehab center there in August.

Mr. Persson also had the opportunity to visit with members of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe in January of 2003. He was invited to speak about Narconon drug rehab results. He corrected many of the members' false ideas about drug addiction and rehabilitation. After this meeting, he was able to garner the support of 23 European governmental officials to support a Drug-Free Declaration (#342), sponsored by the European Council for the Drug-Free Future for all the Children of Europe. Following this vote the Declaration was accepted and became an official publication of the European Commission.

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