United States 2003

United States 2003

The United States has Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers ranging from the southern State of Florida to the Great Lakes region, the South Central area of the US in Oklahoma, all the way across the country to California. These US Narconon centers all continued to grow rapidly in 2003.


At the International training center in Oklahoma, Narconon Arrowhead expanded the staff to 150 and they've now been broadly delivering their anti-drug message in many more parts of the community. At Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab center, they helped an average of 150 students each week to find their way back to sobriety from addiction each week in 2003.

Arrowhead's drug educators continued to educate many more people around the State and even in neighboring states about the dangers of drugs and the solution Narconon centers provide. There were more than 34,000 people, mainly children in schools, who learned the truth of what drugs can do to them from this "on the ground" drug educator team.

The President of Narconon Arrowhead was also extremely well-occupied getting the message out to more than 25 million newspaper readers who learned about the rehab programin 2003. Thirty million more people heard about it on radio or television.

The staff of Narconon Arrowhead took the lead in a National Recovery Month event in September, which they coordinated in McAlester, Oklahoma, the town closest to this Narconon facility. Celebrities joining the presentations included Priscilla Presley, the State Senator from Oklahoma -- Richard Lerblance, and the District Attorney. They made several presentations and held an exposition that allowed people attending to learn information about drug recovery from many organizations.

A new book was published at Narconon Arrowhead in 2003, "Helping Someone Overcome Addiction." This book gives families the information needed to understand how drugs affect someone and how a person can become addicted. It also has information to help them lead their family member to recovery.

Also at Narconon Arrowhead this year was the completion of training of a leader of the AME Church in Houston, Texas and his wife in Narconon drug recovery technology. Reverend McLaughlin and his wife have been offering the Narconon First Step program at the Houston AME Church, and were preparing in 2003 to build a sauna to offer the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, to further expand their ability to help people recover from drug addiction.


One can find some of the largest Narconon centers in the world In California. Narconon Northern California in Watsonville (Vista Bay) expanded to a second facility in 2003 to accommodate their average of more than 55 students each week. With a staff of 36 and all the students they required more space, and found a second building in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in 2003.

The Southern California Newport Beach Narconon facility also outgrew its quarters in 2003, and bought a new property near San Diego. This will allow comfortable housing for the average of 73 students each week on the program there. At their grand opening, held in May, hundreds of people were in attendance, including celebrity Nancy Cartwright who gave an empowering talk about the importance of effective drug rehab. It was also attended by several local politicians and civic leaders who heard Ms. Cartwright speak. This facility was the second largest Narconon facility in the world in 2003.

And in Los Angeles, California one can find the fastest-growing drug education team in the world. This group delivered to more than 43,000 people in 2003, and traveled to San Francisco when needed as well as to their neighboring state of Arizona to spread the word on the truth about drugs.

Another drug education team that has made drug education really fun is a group calling themselves the Ladder Guys. They take a huge inflatable ladder to fairs and festivals around the West Coast, all around California as well as to the States of Washington, Nevada, Arizona and even Colorado. They hand out the booklets, "Ten Things Your Friends May Not Know about Drugs" every time the ladder goes up. In their travels, they have met and reached out to more than 22,000 people with the true data about drugs. People including city council members, teachers, police officers and Boy Scout leaders have all benefited from learning this vital information from the Ladder Guys.


In the Great Lakes region of the US, Narconon drug educators gave many educational presentations so community leaders could learn more about the dangers of drug abuse. The Executive Director of this group also conducted the Narconon First Step workshop, and attendees at the workshop went right to work. They used what they learned just two days after the workshop, helping two addicts to successfully withdraw from drugs.


Narconon has drug rehab centers in Clearwater, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia in the Southeast, and both were growing in 2003, delivering to a combined total of about 35 students at any given time. Narconon Georgia helped to educate students who participating in a nine-week program over the summer on the truth of drugs and what they do. They also helped to organize a large Red Ribbon Week celebration in October in downtown Atlanta that many local citizens and community leaders attended.

More drug education and prevention groups developed in several US cities in 2003. A Colorado group started to make school presentations with plenty of anti-drug information for the students. Another group in Seattle started a Narconon drug education group that gave out drug education materials on the waterfront there in honor of Red Ribbon Week.

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