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Alcoholism is a problem found today in too many homes in the United States and all over the world. Alcohol abuse seems to start earlier now than in other generations, with teenagers engaged in underage and sometimes "binge" drinking. The worldwide impact of alcohol abuse results in approximately two million deaths per year, including hundreds of thousands of young lives lost. It is a causal factor in 60 diseases and a contributing factor to over 200 diseases and injuries.

Obviously alcoholism can be a very serious condition. A drinker who just has an occasional drink is not an alcoholic, but he who cannot control the habit, who has difficulty putting down the glass, or one who knows he should stop drinking but doesn't may already be on the road to alcoholism.

You Can Be Freed From Alcohol Addiction

There is hope, however that one can restore his life and get back to sobriety. The family ties which have been broken, the heartbreak and upset one has caused, and often the loss of self-respect and career failures can all be fixed, repaired and success restored when one gets free of the addiction to alcohol.

Narconon offers hope and help to a person faced with an alcohol abuse problem. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program helps the alcoholic to regain his responsibility for the condition that he has gotten himself into. It is often hard to face that he has caused this situation to himself. Very often an alcoholic will not see his drinking as the problem, but point at others who "make him drink." His ceasing to deny responsibility for the condition and willingness to get help is the first thing that will need to happen for him to get on the road to recovery.

But once a person admits that he does need help, Narconon offers the effective program that can help end the seemingly endless cycle of promises to quit drinking that are never kept.

A person entering the Narconon program starts with a full physical exam by a qualified medical doctor. When he is approved medically to start the program, one starts the actual Narconon program with one-on-one assistance and nutritional supplementation. The assistance may involve a type of assist that is like a gentle massage to ease the aches and pains, while the nutrition replaces vital minerals and vitamins that are lost by the alcoholic during his consumption of alcohol. Also, special reorientation exercises at this point help the recovering alcoholic to take his attention off of his physical condition and focus on the outside world, a refreshing experience for someone who has been introverted and depressed.

Narconon Alcohol Treatment

Next the person will experience the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, consisting of daily exercise, more nutritional supplementation, and daily time in a dry heat sauna. It is during this stage of the program that many alcoholics report their cravings for alcohol are diminished or sometimes disappear altogether.

There are six more remaining steps of the Narconon program after completing this step, each contributing to helping the recovering alcoholic through counseling and life skills training that he will need to make consistent drug and alcohol-free decisions. Each person who begins the program has a good chance of becoming drug and alcohol free. In fact, in follow-ups extending over two years after completing the program, seven of ten Narconon graduates remained sober and drug-free.

It is possible to overcome alcoholism. Effective treatment is available at Narconon centers around the world. On six continents and in dozens of countries, one can find a Narconon alcohol treatment center easily. Call an alcohol rehab counselor today.


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