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Why Is the Narconon Drug Rehab Program Different? (Part 7)

The Changing Conditions in Life Course

"The sensation of completing [the Changing Conditions in Life course] is inexplicable! What I'm feeling now is marvelous. The [course] brought me a lot of happiness, responsibility, and power to live in the world outside. It's very pleasurable the work that is done in [this course]. I'm very happy and proud of myself because I am a new person! Thank God and Narconon!"

~~ P.R.S.

"It wasn't pleasant realizing all over again and to an even deeper degree that this mess I was in was entirely my fault, and I felt scared at the prospect of fixing it and all, but I am confident now that with the help of my supervisors... I will be able to ... truly change my life."


Changing Conditions in Life course

The Changing Conditions in Life Course helps students to develop a personal system of social values--a system that incorporates ethical principles such as honesty, integrity, dependability and commitment to work, as compared to a relapse to their former self-destructive behavior.

One can safely assume that for many of these men and women, sometimes seasoned offenders, an ethical value system has never been part of their self-concept, and that they are consequently blind to survival values.

The Narconon® program is secular and does not define or attempt to re-define an individual's religious beliefs.

Simple formulas are presented to help the person evaluate the current condition of various parts of his life. The formulas help the person to know which areas of their life are doing well and how to improve those areas that need change. Through the exercises, plans of action are developed that the student may follow once he or she returns to the community.

The general objective is to formulate rules of conduct for sober and responsible living.

"... Many of the choices that I made long ago were still affecting me and I had to do something about it. After all the grief that I have given my parents, that was certainly the hardest, but through determination I got it done. They now have opened the door to trust and respect. They listen to what I have to say and do not doubt me. ... "

~~ K.M.

What Makes Narconon Different?

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