Narconon Program - Part 1

Why Is the Narconon Drug Rehab Program Different?

This is the first in an eight-part series of articles describing the eight courses of the Narconon® drug rehabilitation program. Three out of four program graduates remain drug free--a VERY high success rate! We want people to know why.

We call participants in the Narconon program "students" because for the majority of the program, a person is learning the life skills needed to lead a drug-free life.

When a student arrives, he or she goes through our unique drug-free withdrawal program, including nutritional supplements and physical assists.

Once a person has stopped using, he or she does a communications course consisting of drills to help a person increase and improve the ability to confront and communicate and come off drugs.

Communication Course Successes

"At the end of [the first course] ... I feel really secure and confident to confront my goals! I couldn't imagine that the book would bring me so much security. The [drills] really turned on a lot of somatics [feelings] and now I have learned how to handle this, and I'm sure that I'm not the same person after going through these drills."

"When I came here and started [the first course], I must say that I wasn't sure that those exercises would help me, but after I am pretty sure I will be able to use this in my life outside of here. The exercises showed me how to confront my problems, things that I never thought or tried. Everybody who is addicted always runs away from their problems, but these drills teach you how to confront LIFE. Now I am already a new person and I just want to be even better!"

~~ V.V.

Communications Course Students - Chicago

Students on Narconon
Communication Course Chicago

"When I first started ... I was certain that I would never finish these "stupid" [drills]. And what purpose could they possibly have in my life??? But after I DID finish ... I realized what the [drills] were all about. They made me see I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to!"

~~ DG

What Makes Narconon Different?

A series on the parts of the Narconon Program:

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Ole, Narconon Denmark drug rehabilitation program graduate

Ole - Narconon Program Graduate Denmark

Oklahoma Narconon Program Graduate and mother

Oklahoma Narconon Program
Graduate and his mother

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