Narconon Receives International Recognition for Drug Prevention

Narconon Drug Education Recognitions
Some of the awards and formal acknowledgements given to Narconon worldwide for its effective drug abuse prevention measures by mayors, city councils, legislatures, judges, governors, and other social betterment organizations.

For more than 40 years, Narconon has been conducting effective drug education and prevention around the world. It has received numerous acknowledgements and awards for its efforts from community leaders, individuals and police departments in several parts of the world. For examples, many have been awarded in Europe and Scandinavia.

On their 25th anniversary, Narconon Sweden was acknowledged by the Stockholm Chief of Police for their dedicated work on drug prevention in cooperation with the police. This working alliance has included special drug education lectures to police cadets every year, delivered by Narconon staff.

In Italy, "The Organization for Social Betterment," the name for the Italian national Narconon office, has received much praise for their drug education materials, distributed throughout Italy. Acknowledgements have come from by Members of Parliament, military officers, mayors and judges, as well as some other national government officials. These materials encompass subjects such as how to talk to your kids about drugs, how drugs affect the mind, and safe, simple, nutritional techniques for a tolerable withdrawal.

In the Lombardy Region of Caranieri, one Station Commander wrote an acknowledgement asking for more copies of the Narconon drug education materials. He said, "...This booklet is extremely useful for police forces to gain a better understanding of young people, including their own kids. Therefore, I'd appreciate more copies..."

Another regional Colonel from the Aerial Region Command wrote, "...Unfortunately, the drug problem presents a continuing emergency in the military... I'd be very grateful if you could send an adequate number of booklets to distribute to all our forces. We are sure that precise information can prevent the spreading of the drug phenomenon..."

And a general in the Italian Army asked for more copies of How to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs, a booklet produced by Narconon. He said, "...It is my opinion that this publication How to Talk to Your Kids about Drugs is very important for an effective information campaign to prevent the spreading drug phenomenon. I have alerted my respective offices to study it, with numbers of copies needed, please."

In recent years in Italy, several mayors of many small towns have formed a weekend-long drug education festival. There, students and their parents are educated by Narconon staff on the truth about what drugs can do. This has become a popular tradition now in Italy, resulting in thousands of people receiving accurate information about drugs and their effects.

Another honor was bestowed on L. Ron Hubbard in Italy in May of 1999. This is the prestigious Antonietti Labisi Silver Plaque, awarded for his work in developing, among other things, the Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention methodology.

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