The Narconon Program

Drug Rehab Alternative


When the traditional 28-30 day rehabs haven't worked, many families start looking for an alternative solution. The relatively short time that these short-term programs take is not quite enough to allow people the time they need to rebuild lives that have been ruined by drug or alcohol addiction. One who has gone down this road will need to repair various aspects of his life: the physical, mental and emotional parts have all been affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

Many families look for alternative rehabs following one or as many as several attempts with traditional programs that have failed to provide lasting sobriety. Often the conventional rehabs do not provide adequate training in the life skills that one needs in order to maintain a drug-free lifestyle after rehab is over. Some families also want a rehab program that is more in line with their own philosophy of providing lasting recovery for their loved one.

Narconon provides a long-term program that is residential in most locations, which uses no alternate drugs to help one recover from drug or alcohol addiction. It works because it addresses the reasons that one started down the road to addiction, as well as what keeps one addicted. Most people will spend between 90 to 180 days in the Narconon drug rehab program. However, three to five months of rehab after years or even decades of abuse is a short amount of time to dedicate to getting drug-free for the rest of one's life. In fact, the Narconon program results in lasting sobriety for at least 70% of its graduates worldwide.

The Narconon rehab program starts with some simple communication skills that one practices until he can exercise better control over his actions and communication with others. This activity starts to bring one out of the fogginess of drugs and the withdrawn condition one often adopts when addicted.

This is followed by the unique Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. During the drug detoxification process, one will spend daily supervised time in a low, dry-heat sauna, eat well-balanced meals supplemented with an exact regimen of vitamins and minerals, and do a moderate amount of exercise. This combination allows the body to eliminate drug toxins that have been lodged in its fatty tissues. These are stored there for years, and have been shown to be capable of causing cravings for more drugs, even many years after the person stops taking them.

During this part of the Narconon program, one is supervised closely until there are definite signs of physical recovery. It may take one to two months, but upon finishing this step of the program, those who complete it report that they are thinking more clearly and quickly, that they have more energy and a more optimistic outlook on life, and that cravings are lessened significantly while some report no more cravings at all.

The Narconon program also includes training on several courses in life skills that the recovering addict needs in order to rebuild his life. These involve several courses such as knowing which kind of people to associate with in order to support a drug-free life; and a course in recovering one's personal integrity and taking responsibility for the damage one may have caused while taking drugs. The final course focuses on a new, common-sense moral code so that the recovered addict has a moral compass to guide his future actions.

One completes this entire program, which is offered by every Narconon on every continent around the world, when he has charted a new course for a drug-free, productive future, and he is certain he can maintain that lifestyle despite life's challenges. This is even accomplished without having to attend some kind Narconon meetingsz like other rehabs.

There are Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers in fifty locations worldwide. Call to speak to a Narconon rehab specialist and find out if there is one near you. Ask about the details of this unique alternative rehab program and see how it can help you or your loved one who is suffering with addiction.

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