Effective Drug Education Programs Needed

Drug Education Program

The problem of teenagers and younger kids experimenting with drugs affects society at every level. Kids today are not only playing around with pot and occasional alcohol. They are experimenting with prescription opioid drugs, methamphetamine, cocaine, Ecstasy, as well as with synthetic drugs, and the counterfeit marijuana referred to as "Spice." The problem with trying to educate kids is that the culture surrounds them with drug influences every day no matter what is taught in schools.

Media Headlines Describe Drug Busts

It seems so common for newspapers and other media to report on drug busts, but the "war on drugs" is being lost to those who profit from the massive market offered by American youth.

On November 12, 2012 in The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a headline read, "Officials arrest 40 on drug related charges." This article goes on to describe how the arrests were the result of an inter-agency effort to get drug dealers off the street. Drug dealers targeted in this bust included those who sold powder cocaine, crack cocaine, Ecstasy, heroin, and methamphetamine. However, despite arresting those forty people, police and other agencies are still searching for another eight suspected dealers.

Drug Arrest

In Heathrow Airport, London, in September of 2012 more than 1.5 tons of cannabis, worth an estimated 4.3 million pounds, was seized after being discovered in three separate air freight containers. The drugs had been carefully packed in containers of fresh fruits and vegetables that arrived in London on a flight from Accra in Ghana. It took border officials seven full-sized wheeled bins to remove all the packages.

Another headline reads, "State Fair drug arrests: 3 carnies, 5 others." The article states how drug agents made these eight arrests at a Louisiana State Fair over the weekend prior to Monday, November 12, 2012. Seven were booked on possession charges and one was arrested for possessing drugs with intent to distribute.

With such a pervasive drug culture, effective drug education is desperately needed. Teachers in schools may be devoted to teaching drug education, but the curriculum available to them may not be effective.

Drug Education Resources at Narconon

Talking to Kids

Fortunately, there is an effective drug education program available from Narconon. This program has been shown to effectively raise awareness of the consequences of drug use. It teaches the actual dangers of using drugs without using scare tactics or any glorification of drug usage. This curriculum includes solutions for handling peer pressure to use drugs. It is evidence-based, age-appropriate and fun to use.

The Narconon drug education curriculum is supported by forty years of experience educating youth about the truth about drugs. It is not "preachy" or judgmental, and does not talk down to kids but makes drug education interactive and fun. Narconon drug educators from all over the world are trained to deliver a new, innovative curriculum that engages students, and keeps them interested in learning real information, while also being entertained.

It has been shown repeatedly that if young people are well-educated about the facts of what harm drugs can do to them, they are more likely to avoid drugs. The perception of the risk of taking drugs is directly related to lowered drug usage. Conversely, if drugs are seen to be safe, there is a related rise in drug usage.

Effective drug education curriculum has to include a well-rounded approach and a program to help students develop their own judgment and decision not to use drugs. The Narconon education program goal is to help young people to grow up drug-free, and become good examples among their peers. There are free resources for educators, as well as information anyone can download for free in the education resources section of the www.narconon.org website. Learn more about Narconon and its innovative curriculum for drug education and how it can help your students. You can also e-mail them at: info@narconon.org.


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